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How to root HTC magic (vodafone uk)

Started by: tangalang
On: 18/05/2010 | 23:30
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by: tangalang
on: 18/05/2010 | 23:30



I've been searching around for how to root htc magic's but i havent yet came upon a successful guide for the vodafone uk version of htc magic yet.


So I was wondering if any of you guys have successfully rooted it?


and if so... has it been lagging much with the custom rom loaded onto it


thanks :-)

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by: pete248
on: 19/05/2010 | 00:47

Hey i found this on google. I dont have a magic myself but it looked like what you were looking for

If i help, Kudos me Smiley Happy
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by: tangalang
on: 22/05/2010 | 14:05

thanks, i'll give it a try soon.


But since you havent tried it i dont know if it will damage my phone...


so im just a tad wary atm 

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by: uphillphil
on: 15/07/2010 | 17:14

Depending on which Magic you have (a 32A or B) one of these pages from the cyanogenmod wiki would probably be most helpful:


It looks like the Vodafone UK Magic is probably a 32B, but don't quote me on that!


Good luck! (I installed the Froyo release candidate on my G1 last week: it's great.)

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