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How to save money on Amazon during Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Prime Day/General Sales | Toxiic's Tips

Started by: toxiic
On: 22/11/2018 | 15:20
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by: toxiic
on: 25/11/2018 | 11:10

Hi all ( @roise05, @inspiron42, @davidevans0000, @moominpappa, @sarahbanahnah, @leigh2180).

Thanks for showing your support on this thread. I'll be sure to create another, improved version of this when the next big Amazon sale occurs to assist you all further in spending(Smiley Very Happy) / saving money.

Though most of you have, it may be worth checking out My Content Archive as it contains all the threads I've created thus far so you might find something else you'd like to read.




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