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How to set-up GiffGaff on your O2 Pocket Hotspot WiFi Dongle: A definitive guide

Started by: thegoodword
On: 29/11/2012 | 20:41
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by: thegoodword
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:41



After a bit of a palaver trying to set up my O2 Pocket Hotspot (WiFi Dongle) with GiffGaff, I thought I’d put together an idiot-proof guide for others here, as I didn’t find the process too obvious, if truth be told.


It’s worth noting that there are other general guides already in the GiffGaff community, but I didn’t find that they were too relevant to my specific experience...though I did find them useful for gleaning some of the settings information.


So without further ado, here's exactly what you need to do to get GiffGaff going on your O2 Pocket Hotspot.


In the beginning...


When you get your GiffGaff SIM card, you’ll need to activate it as normal, and get yourself a Gigabag.


Now, because the O2 Pocket Hotspot is configured for O2, you’ll need to tweak a few settings on your device so that it works with GiffGaff.


Changing the settings


So, once you’ve inserted your new GiffGaff SIM into your O2 Pocket Hotspot, you’ll have to plug it in to the USB slot on your computer, and turn your Dongle on. You should be prompted to run a piece of software called O2 Mobile WiFI, that looks a little something like this.



You’ll have to run the programme, and then you’ll be taken to the O2 Mobile WiFi log-in page (http://o2.mobilewifi/login.asp).


Now, ignore all the bright lights on the page, and cast your eye to the bottom right, to the ‘Advanced’ option. You’ll have to enter a password in here, which should be ‘admin’, but check the little card that came with your dongle and see what it says next to “Advanced Settings Password”.



Once in, you'll see this screen:


Now, click on 'Settings' (ignore 'Quick Settings'), and highlight the first option, which is '3G', and you'll see this screen. There are 3 tabs here, 'Wireless Info', 'Network Select' and 'APN Setting'. You want to click on the latter...'APN Setting'.



Now, in the image above, it already has all the GiffGaff information in, that's because I've already done it for this. But when you first log-in here, it'll have a load of O2-related settings. You don't actually want to delete the settings that are already in there, instead, you want to add a new profile.


At the bottom right of the screen (cut off in the image above), you'll se this:




Click on 'Add' , and you'll be prompted to start a new profile, which you'll call 'GiffGaff'.


Now, go to the profile selection 'Drop-Down' box, and you'll still see the old O2 account, AND the new GiffGaff one. Select 'GiffGaff', and you'll now have some blank boxes you'll need to complete. The settings should be:


Profile Name: GiffGaff



Authentication: PAP (other guides in the GiffGaff community suggest it should be CHAP, but I accidentally selected PAP, and it works fine)

Username: GiffGaff

Password: password


And that's almost it. But DO CLICK the 'Set as Default' button at the bottom right of your screen to complete things.


Now, it may take a minute or so for the Dongle to take the settings, I found that it didn't kick-in immediately. But once you've come out of the O2 WiFi screen, it may be worth your while turning your Dongle off and on again...I have no real reason for suggesting this, other than that's what I did and it seemed to action the new settings (though it likely was a coincidence and the settings were going to be actioned anyway.)


That's it. Happy dongling.

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by: hhaarrryyyy2020
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:43
Good guide with nice pics. Glad you finally
Figured it out. Smiley Wink
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by: shoiab786
on: 29/11/2012 | 21:38
cheers Smiley Happy

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by: jeepy
on: 30/11/2012 | 17:33

Nice one, thanks!

Maybe worth mentioning (if it hasn't already been mentioned elsewhere) that the O2 Pocket Hotspot is available from the O2 website until December 10 for half-price as a 'starter kit'  with either 1GB or 2GB of data.

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by: suppers_ready
on: 07/04/2013 | 17:50 edited: 07/04/2013 | 17:52

Having spent the last 2 hours trying to get a giffgaff sim working in the ZTE MF60 pocket hotspot I would like to add some extra information in case anyone comes across this thread in the future.


When the software is installed it didn't go directly to the website, Chrome reported it as can't be found. 


The only option I had was to connect to the O2 sim active in the hotspot.


You can add the new APN as described, and the settings are correct, but you can't SET AS DEFAULT while you are connected via the hotspot with the O2 sim active


There are a couple of steps needed in between as described in this article


... and don't forget to switch your WAN back to automatic


All sorted now, gigabag bought and all up and running Smiley Happy

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by: jeffnex
on: 07/04/2013 | 21:04
Nice info
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by: paulrmckenna
on: 16/06/2013 | 00:42

Have followed these instructions to the letter, and those from the link from suppers_ready's post, but my pocket hotspot still shows network as O2-UK.

Is it supposed to change to giffgaff or stay as O2?

I know we (giffgaff) are on the O2 network, but I thought it would show up as giffgaff on the device.

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by: louo2
on: 25/06/2013 | 14:40 edited: 25/06/2013 | 14:42

thank you this helped me so much and probably stopped me from throwing something across the room lol thanks again

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by: suept
on: 17/07/2013 | 19:06

thankyou very much. that helped, although I was not prompted to run any software, but that may be because my ZTE is unlocked and I have already successfully used it with sim cards from 3 and Tmobile.


The only problem was I had to waste money on a gigabag as I wanted to test it worked before my current 3 card expires and I am not ready to use it yet


Oh well, at least that was the fiver I got for accepting a recommendation to join giffgaff


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