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How to set your own custom avatar on giffgaff community! :)

Started by: brradley
On: 15/07/2010 | 17:55
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by: brradley
on: 15/07/2010 | 17:55
I just changed my avatar to a custom picture, I only just did this as I didn't even realise there was an option that I could do this, as the page isn't very clear!
Click above to change your avatar! You could use a picture from the internet, although it will be resized to match the size of the other giffgaff avatars.

Hope some people find this useful, I didn't even realise I could do this, haha! ;D
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by: hg
on: 15/07/2010 | 18:19

Bit late though  Smiley Indifferent

You might try a forum search and see for yourself how many times that subject - and solution - has been posted already.




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by: brradley
on: 15/07/2010 | 18:26
Ah well, I didn't think of that, haha.
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