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How to setup a tk star tracking device with a giffgaff SIM card

Started by: eunic80
On: 20/01/2019 | 00:29
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by: eunic80
on: 20/01/2019 | 00:29 edited: 20/01/2019 | 12:15

Hi All


I have tried to post this on Amazon where I bought mine for this account, but amazon said it didn't conform to a review policy. Read the policy and can't see why so as it was a giffgaff sim here are the instructions.


Firstly I like to say the instructions aren't the best but that a language issue. The whatsApp communications when established were great.
So as per that conversation I said I would type them up so anyone else could follow them easily.

Please note I can only speak for giffgaff SIM's, as that it what I used.

1. put the SIM in an unlocked phone and set it up as per the provider instructions.
2. Turn off voice mail. I used a giffgaff SIM so just had to call 1626 from the phone. This is the providers way to turn off any voicemail it may be different for other providers.
3. Put the SIM into the device and place it where it would get a good signal. (possible outside to begin with)
4. If you try and call the device you should get a busy response. If not then the voicemail isn't off.
5. From phone you are going to run as admin for the device run the following commands:
a. begin123456 (if you get a reply then you don't need to send the reset123456)
b. reset123456 (this reset the device to factory default)
c. admin123456 [mobile number] (mobile number of your phone with admin phone not the number used for the SIM)
you should get a reply "admin ok"
d. gprs123456
you should get a reply "gprs ok"
e. apn123456
you should get a reply "apn ok"
f. apnuser123456 giffgaff
you should get a reply "apnuser ok"
g. apnpasswd123456
you should get a reply "apnpasswd ok"
h. upload123456 3600
you should get a reply "upload ok"

Now test it with
you should get a reply with longitude and latitude as well as a google map link.

The other option is to install the app TKSTAR GPS.
The first line would be
The second line would be
the serial number on the device
The third line would be
the password 123456
Click login


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