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I've topped my phone up, how do I now get my 'goodybag'?

Started by: jaydephelan
On: 06/04/2011 | 07:31
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by: jaydephelan
on: 06/04/2011 | 07:31

I topped up my phone yesterday, but I now don't know how to get my £10 goodybag Smiley Sad With my last network [Orange] you could pick your bundle after topping up, is it the same for giffgaff? Help please! Smiley Happy

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by: jmistry
on: 06/04/2011 | 07:35
Yes you should be able to see the goodybags available to you when you put credit onto your account. If you go back to payments again you will be able to select your goodybag from there.....
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by: trudiw
on: 06/04/2011 | 07:36
You need to go into top-up and buy a goody bag if you want to buy it from your money you have topped up with, choose but from airtime credit Smiley Happy
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by: cor
on: 06/04/2011 | 07:44

go Top-up.tick goodbag,pick the one you would like,then pay with airtime credit

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by: elmetodo
on: 06/04/2011 | 07:50 edited: 06/04/2011 | 07:51

I) click topup at the top of the page


II) under 'what would you like to buy', select goodybag


III) next, 'choose your goodybag' by selecting the picture of the one you want


IV) then below in 'summary' select if you want to buy with debit card or with airtime balance



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by: pjwharton
on: 06/04/2011 | 08:56

Now that you have airtime credit, you can convert that in to a goodybag. 



Click on the bag you want below to purchase it using your existing airtime credit.



Alternatively, go to top-up then:

1. Select Buy goodybag

2. Select the goodybag you want

3. Select Buy your goodybag with your airtime balance


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by: sloz
on: 06/04/2011 | 09:26
Just to add regarding pjwhartons great icons. You need to log in to the top up area 1st before clicking the icons work. If you want to bookmark the links. Go to this thread . Theyre all there in a short url version
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by: sonesor
on: 06/04/2011 | 09:27

For future reference, this is how you need to do it manually:



Go to the topup page: and follow the instructions below:



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by: jaydephelan
on: 06/04/2011 | 10:21
It doesn't givemethe option to buy with 'airtime balance' :/
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by: jaydephelan
on: 06/04/2011 | 10:26
I nowknow the problem, I've managed to use 4p credit, so i'm 4p off being able to get the package I want Smiley Sad
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