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Internet settings for HTC HD2 T8585 running windows OS 6.5

Started by: peter_w
On: 23/02/2012 | 17:58
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by: peter_w
on: 23/02/2012 | 17:58

I have tried for one week to set this phone up but still can't get emails when not connected to wifi. Took it to 02 shop and they agree this phone cannot download the settings automatically as the WAP Push message says "ERROR Address not found:" even when connected with wifi and is the same for the 02 sim I used so she said this has to be done manually. I followed the steps below but still not working properly !


Tap: Start, settings, menu, all settings, connections, connections.

Under "My work Network" tap "add new modem connection"

Enter name for the connection: giffgaff

Select modem: Cellular Line (GPRS)

Tap (next)

Access point name: type ""

Tap (next)

User name: type "giffgaff"

Password: type "password"

Leave domain name blank

Tap (finish)


Now tap Proxy settings tab

Tick both boxes next to "This network connects to the Internet" and "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet"


Proxy server: Type ""

Tap (advanced)

Tap HTTP and enter server: : Port: 8080 (the port was showing 80 before I over wrote it, so I tried leaving it set to 80 and still no luck)

User name: Type "giffgaff"

Password: type "password"

Domain leave blank.

Tap OK (top right corner) Leave WAP blank (Not sure if this is where the problem might be ?)

Socks is already showing (not sure if this is correct?1080?)

Tap OK twice more to get to settings / My Work Network then tap (advanced) bottom left area of screen. Tap "Select Networks"

"Programs that automatically connect to the internet should connect using:" Type "My Work Network"

 "Programs that automatically connect to a private network should connect using:" Type "My Work Network"

Tap OK twice and that is it !


Trouble is that my phone still does not send or receive emails until it connects via wifi, when I send an email it says "cannot connect with current connection setting. To change settings tap "settings" and I go around in circles. Also I did have Error notifications when trying to connect to the internet without wifi but this seems to be working today ?!? Texts and phone are working ok.


The lady at 02 was very helpful considering she did not have to help me but was a bit rusty with the Windows OS. Any help would be appreciated before I give up and go back to Orange for customer support in a shop Smiley Surprised(






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by: dave005
on: 23/02/2012 | 18:00
Try deleting the apn (data) / (apns) and any old ones you dont need then power off your phone then back on again and retry the settings and see if that works

Settings > Go to internet settings on your mobile / phone then select Connection / Connectivity or Internet Profile / Data Connection from the menu and create a new apn and enter >

Connection Name: giffgaff - GPRS
APN - Access Point Name:
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Port: 8080
Login - Username: giffgaff
Password: password - Definitive APN Settings.
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by: scaramouch
on: 23/02/2012 | 18:01
works on HTC Desire & Wildfire
APN Network settings to be able to receive wap internet signal on giffgaff network if your phone is unlocked but giffgaff internet doesn't work then type in the text below , press menu - press settings - press wireless & networks - press mobile networks - press access point names - press menu - press new APN - press name and type in the text below

Name giffgaff
Proxy < not set >
Port < not set >
Username giffaff
Password Password
Server < not set >
mmsc http:/
mms proxy
mms port 8080
mms Protocol Wap2.0
mcc 234
mnc 10
Authentication type PAP
APN type *

press menu press save
now turn phone off then turn phone back on now internet should be working

Voicemail Turn on 1616
Voicemail Turn off 1626
Voicemail Retrieve Voicemail 443

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by: dave005
on: 23/02/2012 | 18:02
Still no internet after doin what I suggested?

You might have a data bar whitch prevents you from using the internet. It should be removed on activation of your sim, but in some cases it doesn't and you will need to ask an agent to check if you have a data bar and if you do have one then you will have to ask them to remove it, You can contact an agent to find out here: Ask an agent.

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by: peter_w
on: 23/02/2012 | 19:16

Thanks for the suggestions but I have no other APN's and have switched off and back on after settings have been altered, but there is one thing I might be doing wrong. When I go into settings and get to connections I have a connection under giffgaff GPRS and also under the heading My Work Network. The giffgaff GPRS has a proxy type for WAP but nothing for socks and under My Work  Network for WAP proxy nothing showing but there is for socks


Is this causing some sort of conflict ?

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by: martiphonix
on: 29/02/2012 | 14:11

Have you managed with the problem eventually? I have same phone and same problem. Anyone can provide correct settings? Thanks.

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