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Started by: defraybo2
On: 10/11/2018 | 17:19
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by: defraybo2
on: 10/11/2018 | 17:19

Hi all.
There have been a lot of cases recently of giffgaff accounts being hacked and accounts being used to top up other accounts.
Giffgaff are aware of this and are very active in stemming this issue.
It's gateway is made possible by giffgaff members using the same password on their giffgaff account as they do on another company Web sites that suffer a break of security attack (hacking), this has been the case recently with PC World but they are not alone, there may be others.
One way to protect yourself from this hacking of your account is to change your giffgaff login password to a new password you have never used before in any account with any company. Make up a brand new password known only to yourself and change your giffgaff password in your my profile settings.


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by: bluelame
on: 10/11/2018 | 18:30
Really helped me
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by: sarahbanahnah
on: 11/11/2018 | 09:06
Thank you. I wasn't aware of this. Will point it out to friends and family.
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by: dtuxcomp
on: 11/11/2018 | 20:10 edited: 11/11/2018 | 20:12

@defraybo2  Great advice,we all know we "shouldn't" use the same password everywhere but it's often done out of convenience or just habbit.


You can also get your email address checked again a list of known hacks for free, I put up a thread about it when I found out 2 of my 5 email accounts had been subject to potential data breaches years previous Smiley Surprised Here's the link to my thread and in the OP there's a link to a thread by @captainben  who'd beaten me to it and already had a thread going on the same theme.


Email Data Breach Check For Free


Take care.



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by: defraybo2
on: 11/11/2018 | 21:13


Yes I have read the report from Ben and have taken it on board to offer the advice I posted.

I have also come across your advice on email breech checking and I commend any help we can keep in the general giffgaff information domain to help our members and all who use Internet services as a part of their daily life.

This is another unique part of giffgaff, you don't have to purchase products to benifit from giffgaff membership, you only have to sign up, and that is 100% free and unbiased.

Thanks for joining this thread I really do appreciate it. 

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by: dtuxcomp
on: 11/11/2018 | 21:52
@defraybo2 Wonderfully put Smiley Happy What's the use of knowledge if we don't all share it Smiley Happy
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by: django21
on: 11/11/2018 | 22:42
Thanks for the warning and like they say. It might be a good idea to change your password every 2/3 months. And make it different with longer strong names with upper and lower letters plus a few numbers. etc.
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by: smiffyds
on: 12/11/2018 | 08:42
Thanks for this
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by: sheppola
on: 12/11/2018 | 09:44 edited: 13/11/2018 | 10:25

I recently posted that I use old Defunct Car number-plates doubled up with Upper and Lower case letters and a non-standard character like an Ampersand(&).

So it looks like like this Ab12abcAb12abc& or  Ab12abc&Ab12abc

This would take at least,

4,476,650,254,127 years, 8 months

to crack using current software Smiley Happy


Test yours here,

I can still remember Car/Motorcycle number-plates of vehicles I've owned from Forty years ago.Dunno if this is a,"Bloke" thing  Smiley Happy

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by: jsmith2009
on: 12/11/2018 | 11:25

Thanks for the tips and advice.

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