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Newbies Guide To Goodybags

Started by: djbonner07
On: 31/08/2011 | 05:47
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by: djbonner07
on: 31/08/2011 | 05:47 edited: 04/07/2014 | 01:06
Blackberry User? ( if you want the Blackberry Plan/Goodybag with the add-on, See here ➜

Otherwise : (Continue Below) >>>

⬜ 1, Go to > My Giffgaff
⬜ 2, Press > Top up
⬜ 3, Press > Select on the goodybags /gigabag icon
⬜ 4, Press > Select on the goodybag / gigabag you want

⬜ 5, On the next page, press > Continue
⬜ 6, Then press > Exchange Airtime Credit OR To pay by debit card put your security code in


⬜ Review your basket and click on 'Continue' then click on 'Confirm Order'

Extra Info >>>>>>>

⬜ Please Note: If your Goodybag or Gigabag is Live/Active, unfortunately you can't Stop/Cancel or Change it

⬜ You can only have 1 active goodybag or a gigabag at any one time

And Also -

⬜ You carnt change-stop-cancel your goodybag or gigabag before your current goodybag fully expires

[ On the plus side ] - If you exceed your data allowance, you need / can use Normal Pay As You Go credit and will be charged at 2p/MB until the expiry date of the goodybag.

⬜ Calls / Text -
Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines (starting 01, 02, 03) 10p per minute

⬜ Texts to other UK mobiles and landlines 6p per text

[ Please Read ] To activate the option to run on PAYG normal credit once you've run out of minutes or data on the goodybag , (once you've topped up) >> see below >>

Just power Off your phone/unit for 30 seconds and then power back On and you should ready to run on your normal top-up credit

■ You can add normal 'credit at Any time'

Complete guide to giffgaff goodybags ➜

Also >>>>>>>>

■ You can buy another goodybag so it is ready to go when your current one expires - this is referred to as "queuing" your next goodybag.

• [ How to queue a goodybag ]
Simple just buy it as you normally would just like you did your first one

■ Your "queued" goodybag will sit on your account, when your current goodybag expires, your queued one will take over immediately.

■ You can cancel a queued or a recurring goodybag/gigabag if selected , by Contacting a Agent

More info is here about cancelling Goodybags/Gigabags ➜

■ Contact a agent ➜

giffgaff agents work 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm

■ Agent Replies ➜ http://

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by: cor
on: 31/08/2011 | 07:09

just one thing  line 3.  should be airtime balance / your credit.


3.   then tick the box > pay for your order from your balance


Tick here to pay from your airtime balance


some people do not know that airtime balance is credit on the phone.

just a little thing.

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by: icklesimba
on: 31/08/2011 | 08:51
One extra thing...

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by: djbonner07
on: 01/09/2011 | 00:42

Smiley Wink it was late when i wrote it lol



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by: jimcuk
on: 16/09/2011 | 16:03

How many goodybags can you que ?

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by: sloz
on: 16/09/2011 | 16:28 edited: 16/09/2011 | 16:29
You can only queue 1 bag when your using your current bag
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by: kenya
on: 16/09/2011 | 16:53
This is actually a pretty good guide added a idea, and i like how you've added a link to a youtube video that shows you how to di everything aswell, kudo to you!Smiley Happy
Hope your issues get resolved, be sure to kudos helpful posts and to select an answer as a solution!

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by: nsp
on: 16/09/2011 | 17:52

If your new to giffgaff and unsure how to purchase a goodybag using your AIR TIME BALANE then please follow this guide as aload of newbies think they topup and Automatically get there goodybag put on...


Airtime BALANE? Do you mean BALANCE?!! Smiley Wink

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness
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by: sarahbous
on: 28/09/2011 | 14:33
Thanks for this, as you are so helpful I said you recommended giffgaff to me so you should get 200 points Smiley Happy
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by: yoshiro
on: 29/09/2011 | 08:46

One quick question, how do you stop a goodybag?


I bought a £5 to keep me going to the end of the month when i joined, but only wanted it to last like 10 days or so, but now its end of the month i have no texts or call time left and want to get a new goodybag!

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