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Started by: craigspud101
On: 06/07/2010 | 16:31
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by: craigspud101
on: 06/07/2010 | 16:31

Hey Everyone,


I've got a Nokia E63 and I've come over from 3. Since I 'moved' I've been elated with the goodybags and the fact that I don't keep losing my calls! 3 served me well but when I saw the goodybags I was here like a shot!


The only thing I'd had trouble with was my emails. Mail for Exchange is a true push email for phones but it just didn't work 'properly' with my default giffgaff settings.


I think I've found a solution in that I've removed the proxy server entries and now my messages appear as quick as a flash and I no longer get the error messages in the MfE logs.


Is this a top tip? Anyone else encounter the same things?

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by: andyking
on: 07/07/2010 | 08:31

Thanks for this. I use the same software and was getting frustrated with slow incoming messages and my settings being wiped out every couple of days by that strange "check access point" error. 


I've removed the proxy servers and sent myself a couple of test emails which have appeared immediately. 

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by: craigspud101
on: 07/07/2010 | 10:25

You're welcome although I found out last night I couldn't send picture messages so I've added the proxy ip and port into the Giffgaff mms apn I have and that now works fine. Smiley Happy


I really don't think people know how great MfE is. I'm a gmail user and it's cool just how quickly it works, my contacts, diary and mails are pushed all the time.


Has anyone had any success with the new version of MfE? (3.something) It's my understanding that it doesn't work for GMail yet. (I had upgraded but found it didn't work, it then took me an age to find the old version!)


IMHO MfE is one of the best apps for Nokia Symbian Phones. It's true 'push' with no costs. It doesn't need a blackberry server or anything like that. Big win as far as I'm concerned.

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