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Nokia online apps rundown

Started by: coolstar
On: 18/07/2011 | 13:42
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by: coolstar
on: 18/07/2011 | 13:42

Hi all,


The £10+ goodybags are amazing value and the free mobile internet allowance really allows you to use your Smartphone to its fullest potential. As I use my Nokia N8 a lot , I thought I would give a guide of great apps I know of  to use your Nokia with (These apps will be able to be used across most current and older Nokia devices)


All these apps can be downloaded on the Nokia OVI store through your device or on


Opera Mini/Mobile -  There are 2 types of mobile browsers from opera both of which are better the built in web browser you get when you buy the phone


Opera Mini – This is a very light browser which offers a small view of the page with the ability to zoom in when needed. There are tabs pages as well as favourites tabs on the home screen. It’s super fast to use and when loading up, essential for the older Nokia devices with limited RAM


OperaMobile– Is basically Opera Mini in user interface but has better features.. Offers full webpage pinch and zoom as well as flash support. It’s highly compatible with every webpage thrown at it and the best browser for symbian period. The only downside is it is quite system demanding compared to the the mini version ad eats up the battery a little quicker but gives you that much better rich website experience. I recommend this for any of the newer nokia devices such as N8, C7, E7, E6, C6-01, X7, then Opera Mobile is a perfect web browsing experience

Price: Free



Nokia Internet Radio –This is included in a lot of the older devices such as E71, E63 etc and can be downloaded for free on the newer nokia devices at the OVI store. This is my current favourite app and allows you to connect flawlessly to thousands of internet radio stations each categorised by type and can be sorted into favourites. Connection is amazing especially through 3g on giffgaff, I find myself using this so much now I have the £10 goodybag without worrying about it impacting my credit through high data prices you get with other mobile networks on pay as you go. Highly recommend using this – Price : Free


Podcatcher – For anybody who listens to podcasts, this is one for you. It allows automatic subscription to multiple podcasts as well as a great search function which searches names terms as well as feed addresses. There is no better option for podcasting for symbian devices – Price £1.00


Snaptu – The Nokia social network built in apps are not as well integrated or as smooth as ones for blackberry/android/iphone at the moment, so there are third party options which have almost full functionality. The best social networking app in my experience is Snaptu. It’s java based and offers support for facebook and twitter in an easy to use and quick accessible system. You can post updates, see notifications, upload pictures etc. It also features some games and weather updates too, but no homepage support which is the only downside. Great app. Price : Free


Nimbuzz – This app allows you to connect to MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook all at once including full functionality of sharing pictures, and even supports voice chat which is brilliant through giffgaff 3g. It has a beautiful interface which offers bubble replies so you can chat easier. It also uses very little resources so a lot easier on the battery than other instant messenger apps. I highly recommend this

Price: Free


Shazam – If you ever hear a song being played and want to know what it is, shazam is the app for you. It will listen to a portion of the song playing, then connect to the internet and tell you the name of the song and a link to buy it. The free version limits you to so many searches per month but still great to find those songs that are playing that you really want to find out the name of. It’s very accurate and the new version is great for touchscreen phones

Price: Free


The Gaurdian- This is the best news app for symbian. It has just been revamped and includes great access to articles and stories in sub sections so you can search for different news parts such as sports, local, science, etc. Also allows for marking favourites etc. The app is quite large to download but worth it to suit your news intake!

Price : Free


Just a few recommended apps that might make your giffgaff experience even that much better with the free internet on the goodybags over £10. I have been using these since I signed up and have enjoyed using these safe in the knowledge that it will not desroy my credit through data charging. Feel free to add to the list if you have come across any online apps that could be worth sharing. A lot of the above apps also have variants and are cross platform with other mobile operating systems such as android and iphone. If anybody has any questions about these apps or wants to learn any more just ask 


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by: amukid1
on: 18/07/2011 | 13:53
very useful for my n97
i think there is also an app called fring where you can do free video calling over internet
so thats pretty good too
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by: sloz
on: 18/07/2011 | 14:13
Not sure if this works on a n8 but its mobbler (lastfm) version thats free to use. In later updates you have to subscribe
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by: usmanozzy786
on: 18/07/2011 | 14:21



Nice list of apps.

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by: coolstar
on: 18/07/2011 | 19:45
mobbler is a great app, i forgot to add that one, allows you to listen to your favourite bands singles. I used it on my old Nokia E71 and it's available for the N8 for free too. You can add a number of your fav bands on too. good recommend
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by: sambucus
on: 21/07/2011 | 02:44

Great list. I would add these Smiley Happy:


Internet telephone - onboard sip voip app built in to older E and N series phones but mysteriously removed from some of the later ones. Better than nimbuzz and fring as it connects direct to your voip provider and is more reliable generally, and the user can set which codecs are to be used etc.


Ovi Maps - this is a free GPS maps and guidance app. Map downloads for the whole world are also free for E and N series users so it can be used without a data connection while travelling in the UK or abroad.


Symtorrent - this is a free torrent client for symbian, no longer available at Ovi store for political correctness reasons, but it works well if rather basic, available from the developer's site here.


Nokia messaging - free html push email client for up to 10 accounts. Works lovely.


Qik - free app to stream live video to the internet, this app was made for unlimited data goodybags!

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by: dinkster
on: 22/07/2011 | 08:15

It's worth noting the main difference between opera mini and opera mobile is that opera mini does server-side compression, that is - every web page you request is compressed down (by a quite significant factor) by opera's remote servers before it's sent to you. The net result is that you are transferring far less data - great if you're stuck on a 2g signal. The only downside is that the page is necessarily re-formatted a bit, but the massive data saving and super load/render times are more than worth it! You can load and view a super-heavy desktop site with no problems on very old phones!


Also note that opera mini and opera mobile are available in native code format for s60v3/v5 & symbian^3.

Opera mini is available in native code for s60v2 phones too (e.g. n70)


There is also a java version of opera mini - you don't want this for s60 phones as it's slower than the native code version, but it's great for non-smartphones. :-)

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by: mo2011
on: 22/07/2011 | 09:15
i find the apps on the OVI store not very good, then again i am using an E71 are the apps better on the newer nokia phones...
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by: peterhartman
on: 22/07/2011 | 11:40

Another essential app is Gravity ( originally a Twitter client it is now also a fully featured and easy to use client for Foursquare, Google Reader and Flikr.


Cost: £6.32


It is worth getting the version from the developer's site as the Ovi Store version seems to lag slightly. I have used this app for several years now and it is always one of the first to be installed in a new phone.

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by: sambucus
on: 22/07/2011 | 13:49

mo2011 wrote:
i find the apps on the OVI store not very good, then again i am using an E71 are the apps better on the newer nokia phones...

That's still a great phone - I know several people who sorely regretted 'upgrading' from their E71..

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