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Nokia online apps rundown

Started by: coolstar
On: 18/07/2011 | 13:42
Replies: 10

by: coolstar
on: 22/07/2011 | 14:33
@sambucus I had the Nokia E71 prior to the N8 aswell!

Though it doesn't come near the power of the N8 nor the camera quality, the 7 day battery life with great keyboard and small compact size gave me 2 and a half years worth of amazing service...built like a tank. Best phone i have ever had easily. I was running everything on it at once with open 3g connections running constantly and getting days out of it!!! I don't think that feat is possible anymore lol

Doesn't surprise me you know people who had the phone and regretted it! Most apps listed on this post will all work on the E71 aswell

@peterhartman - gravity is amazing. good choice. I think some people may be put off by the price but if anybody likes to use twitter alot then this app is the one for you on any Nokia smartphone. If only the guy who made this released an equivalent version for facebook!!
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