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Orange San Francisco/ZTE Blade - can you block numbers?

Started by: clementst
On: 25/10/2011 | 17:23
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by: clementst
on: 25/10/2011 | 17:23



As the title suggests, can you block callers/numbers on this phone?


many thanks

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by: cim
on: 25/10/2011 | 17:31 edited: 25/10/2011 | 17:33

There are call blocker apps in the marketplace to do this on Android e.g.

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by: mrswatts
on: 26/10/2011 | 21:23

I use a free app, from the Android market, on my San Fran. Its called Mr Number and I have found it extremely useful.


Hope this helps.



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by: uniblue
on: 27/10/2011 | 19:17

I have put the rom  cyanogen mod 7.03 on this phone. Instructions here and it is really easy to do. In the call settings with this rom there is a section for blacklist of incoming calls. You just add the numbers you want and the phone will reject calls from theese numbers. I have only had an android phone for 3 weeks but I found the guide verry easy to follow. If you try this out remember to back up all your contacts and data. You can always go back to your original rom if you do it this way and you do not like it. Hope that this is of help yo you. uniblue

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by: clementst
on: 28/10/2011 | 10:27



I meant to say the phone is unlocked, unbranded, rooted and running on japanese jelly fish


uniblue, how do you back up your contacts and data so I can try cyanogen 7.03?



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by: cim
on: 28/10/2011 | 14:01

You can back up contacts by sync-ing with a gmail account.


You can use titanium backup to backup apps and data etc.

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