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Orange freephone number

Started by: lexiconne
On: 04/06/2011 | 18:26
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by: lexiconne
on: 04/06/2011 | 18:26

Ok so when I wanted to leave orange and get my pac code I was told to ring 450, it turns out that to do this you need airtime to speak to one of their operators. All the 0800 numbers no longer work such as 0800100450/451 etc the only option is to call 07973100450 which cost 13p/minute peak rate.


Luckily I stumbled across this number 0800 079 0006 , which after you go through all the automated options you get through to an operator.


Hope this is of some help.

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by: chubuking
on: 04/06/2011 | 18:28
good post!

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i always try to give to correct answer so please kudos and accept as solution when i do
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by: ed33
on: 04/06/2011 | 18:34
These sort of numbers are very useful. When I want to contact Three I the switchboard which is a local number, same as Oyster Cards. Good Post!
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by: ixape
on: 04/06/2011 | 19:22


^ For future reference - A database of alternative 0800 numbers.

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