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Phone recommendations up to £300ish?

Started by: el_nombre
On: 09/02/2019 | 17:52
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by: jsmith2009
on: 12/02/2019 | 12:45

Moto G6 is highly recommended for about £170. New version Moto G7 is due out soon so maybe worth checking first.


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by: mbthapa25
on: 12/02/2019 | 19:24

huawei's p20 lite is a very good choice in my view..

plus there's also £30 voucher on offer currently.. and right here with giffgaff..

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by: chand311
on: 12/02/2019 | 21:23

I would recommend you hauwei P20, really nice phone.

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by: yaseend
on: 12/02/2019 | 21:42
@el_nombre i think you should get a s7 edge or even a s6 great phones shouldn't be too high in price not sure how much

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by: afahmed
on: 13/02/2019 | 21:12

Huawei is available in market in low prices and they are really very gud.. 

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by: zealousbeloved123
on: 16/02/2019 | 08:32

Honour 10 is realy good 0hobe . I m using it

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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 16/02/2019 | 11:54

@el_nombre nowadays u can get heiuwe, honor, onplus xiomi and motorola and now oppo mobile phones in uk that are under £300.


Why spend £1000 on the main brands when u have smartphones that do exactly the same for a fraction of the price.

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by: adria19476
on: 16/02/2019 | 18:18

Hi there friend I would definitely sujest that you have a look at cash converters shop they have a really wide range of second hand phones very good condition like brand new some. At a very good price and I would say the samsung galaxy note 4 are a really good phone or the Sony Xperia z3 ihad them phones myself and found them really easy to use and they have big screens for watching things on them and for the camera because the Sony Xperia was the best camera I've seen on a phone yet and the hd hd screen the games and things like video are crystal clear hd hope u find one 

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