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Protect your phone tips

Started by: 147brian21573
On: 19/05/2015 | 10:54
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by: 147brian21573
on: 19/05/2015 | 10:54
Whilst it may seem obvious to some people, a lot of people that lose their phone or have it stolen/nicked have trouble blocking their phone due to not having the IMEI and/or serial number so my advice is

When you get a new phone, write down the make, model number, IMEI number and keep it in a safe place where it can't get lost

Make a note of the number on the back of the simcard (between 13 and 16 digits long)

Always keep the box that the phone comes in (if you buy a phone from ebay, gumtree or from someone in person, make sure that the IMEI and serial numbers match each other by checking it on the box and in your phone's "about device" menu

Download security apps like cm security, avast, lookout or avg and use the password protection feature

Use a lockscreen feature that your phone has pre installed (if it does)

Back up any files to icloud or Google incase you are unfortunate to lose your phone or have it stolen/nicked

Use a "find my iphone" or "find my device" feature as well
Most of these have a security measure that takes a picture of the person trying to unlock your phone if they're unsuccessful after 3 attempts with the front facing camera and sends this to your email inbox

Hope these tips help you guys Smiley Happy
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by: w69d
on: 19/05/2015 | 11:00
very good advice brian , you should also include the code for getting the imei number , *#06#
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by: emmakam
on: 19/05/2015 | 13:00

Thank you very much for these tips, really useful! Smiley Happy

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by: jeancalvy
on: 19/05/2015 | 14:24
Thank you for the tips.
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by: firoze
on: 19/05/2015 | 17:47

Yep, sensible tips, thanks.

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by: sophiaarmstrong
on: 19/05/2015 | 21:30
Very sensible idea
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by: mcilwraith
on: 19/05/2015 | 22:23

As brian says i always keep the box

Not just for the number but for resale as well

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by: flaxvert
on: 19/05/2015 | 22:25

@147brian21573 Great advice mate, many thanks for sharing Smiley Happy


On the note of IMEI, I met up with an Ed last year and asked him about phone blocking on giffgaff, he said that no matter what phone you have you can get it blocked by your network as they will already have the IMEI of the last phone the sim was used in. 


I have my own LG G3, bought from ebay but can get it blocked by giffgaff without ever needing the IMEI number. 


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by: w69d
on: 19/05/2015 | 22:35
Its best to record your imei numbers as my phone has two ,if I asked giffgaff to block my phone it would only block one simcard slot
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by: moominpappa
on: 19/05/2015 | 22:50
Thanks for the imei number tip. I think the only time I've ever written it down was probably when I got my first ever contract handset back in 2003!

I'll make more of an effort to write it down from now on.
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