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Blackberry Problems See Below MMS-internet-BBM-ect

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Hi please see this guide to setting up your blackberry on giffgaff Click here

if you have bought £2.50 add on together with goodybag then follow this guide to get internet

If you did not buy £2.50 add on (Now u have to wait till yr next goodybag purchase) then try this guide to get internet
For furthur info see this, Blackberry User Please Read before Posting. Click this link




Without BBM add-on you can..

get on the intenet thou by doing this....

Install Opera Mini browser then you will be able to browse the Internet without the BB addon,

You also need to adjust your APN settings to the correct giffgaff ones


See the guide at specifically the Legacy section that explains  alternatives such as Opera Mini or workarounds so you can browse the web with just the standard unlimited net.



Free BlackBerry unlock codes for giffgaff members  To qualify for a free Blackberry unlock code you must have a valid account with an active sim and all requests are verified by giffgaff before codes are issued.  see Here 

A big thanks to WOODYUK.



Blackberry add on (same time) Guide to a BB10 device

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Hi,giffgaffer i hope this will sort your problem,
You need to buy the Add On at the same time as the goodybag. if not you must now wait til the bag expires before you can buy it. sorry.


Guide to a BB10 device, new handset running BlackBerry 10.If you have a BlackBerry 10 device, then you will not need the BB add-on.
Go to home screen and select Options, then Device, then Advanced System Settings > TCP/IP
Enter the APN :
user name: giffgaff
password: password
Press the BB Menu key and select Save.
see more on this guide to setting up your blackberry 10 on giffgaffIf


Free calls to 0845, 0870 numbers

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0845, 0870 numbers NOT included in goodybag.
And Cost 12p per minute minimum from your credit balance.
have alook Look here at  to search for an alternative number.
and find Free to calls  (0800, 0808, 0500) which are free with giffgaff.


Or try you can use  an app for Android and iPhone app WeQ4U app.
If you do not have a andriod or iPhone Just dial 0333 5432111, and then the number you wish to reach. WeQ4U calls are included in your regular phone minutes, just like 01 or 02 calls, whether you use landline or mobile phone
We Q 4 U does what it states in its name: Queues for you.
You can call most 0870 & 0845 & 01, 02, 03 numbers for the price of a call to an 03 number

Free giffgaff to giffgaff calls

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Hi, You will  qualify for free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts if you have done any of the following in the last three months:
1.Topped up airtime credit (either by debit/creditcard or voucher); the amount of top up is irrelevant (£10 would be the minimum)

2. Bought any GoodyBag or GigaBag directly from a card,

3. Taken at least £10 of PayBack as airtime credit (only relevant in June and December when PayBack is paid out)
This 'three months' resets every time any money is added to your account.


The free calls are restricted to 60 minutes, so redial then, as the minutes used after this are chargeable (or will come off your GoodyBag allowance if you have any).


You can check this by  Dialing *100*1# from your handset will confirm when your free calls/texts allowance expires.
If you ever find you are charged for a call that should have been free, then only then contact an agent for a refund at


Please bear in mind there is no telephone contact as they can only be contacted online.
Update, as from the 26/03/13: Dates will now be entered either manually or using the native date chooser on your device.
Also after submiting your message it can take up to 24hrs for a reply.
If you can not find your recieved agent messages they can be found here, Http:// you must be logged in to your account to view these


How to change your recurring goodybag

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Log on online to your dashboard , payment details... Change recur your goody bag,

Untick the box "recur your selected goodybag".
Click save recurring settings.
Click recur your goodybag.
Click to change your next goodybag.
Click the goodybag you want to recur.

Tick the box " recur your selected goodybag".

Finally click save recurring settings.

See here for a full guide:

internet blocked and Fair Usage P

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Hi do this here Copy and paste the following into the box on the following page and withing 24 hours you will have internet restored Click HERE to contact an agent


I now fully understand the T's and C's regarding data usage. (username)



There isn't a fair usage policy (it's truely unlimited for use within the T&Cs).  A new tethering system has been implemented now and read more here 

So what's happening to your old tethering indicators?


Effective immediately, we're no longer using 3 GB/day as a means of judging whether someone is tethering. 1 GB/hour will now be used in addition to our new tethering indicators. We'll no longer warn you if the only tethering indicator you've triggered is 1 GB/hour. 

Tethering Questions in full.... Also What happens if I exceed 1GB?

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Hi, all about tethering.

Can I tether using the new £10 goodybag with 1GB? Yes you can,
But not with the unlimited £12 goodybag,


Tethering is strictly forbidden on a goodybag with unlimited mobile internet allowance, but it is authorised on a goodybag or gigabag with limited data (e.g. 1GB, 3GB).Tethering is also allowed if your mobile internet usage is being charged from your airtime balance.


What happens if I exceed 1GB?
once the 1GB allowance runs out you need to have credit to carry on, you will then be charged 2p a MB for the remainder of the goodybag. (Until it expires)


we will send a notification to your phone to let you know. but once your goodybag expires, standard rates will apply. see here for full details
Tethering is permitted on £10 goodybag and will work on all smartphones with an inbuilt tethering feature, except for the iPhone.

giffgaff isn't an official Apple device carrier (ie you don't get giffgaff-branded iOS devices) iOS tethering requires a jailbroken handset.
After you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, you’ll want to install a quality tethering app from cydia.

More on tethering, Tethering : The meaning of. from a goodybag!
(but you can tether with airtime credit and the new £10 goodybag 1gb or a gigabag)
Tethering is using the giffgaff sim card to access the internet on any device other than your phone.
if you use your phone as a wifi hotspot, or a laptop/tablet its tethering.
if you use you phone as a modem via usb... thats tethering.
See full details. full terms Here
See full guide here

Transferring my number to giffgaff. 

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Hi, to bring your mobile number to giffgaff, here's what you need to do:

1. Contact your current Service Provider and request a (Port Authorisation) code as you want to transfer (or port-out) your number to another network. PAC codes are valid for 30 days from the issue date.

2First of all Make sure your giffgaff account and SIM has been fullyactivated.

3. You must be logged in to your account.

4. Once you've been given a PAC code, click on the following link below this text providing the information: Apply here for number transfer: 


You can  also see the full transfer guide here


If you are still having difficulties after 9pm of the transfer day then click on 'submit a private question link below and be sure to include the following information:

• Existing mobile number
• New mobile number
• Alternative contact number
• PAC code (port authorisation code)

Ask an agent to sort it for you,

Please bear in mind there is no telephone contact as they can only be contacted online.
Also after submiting your message it can take up to 24hrs for a reply.
If you can not find your recieved agent messages they can be found here, Http:// you must be logged in to your account to view these


Content lock remove

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Hi,  This is only the only way of removing the restriction, Content lock over 18 adult bar.
You can only use your UK Passport or (Uk full or provisional) licence in order to lift the adult content restrictions use the link below for more help. Once the form is submitted It will take up to 24 hours for the bar to be lifted. Full terms here


Once completed It will take up to 24 hours for the bar to be lifted. The following morning, switch your phone off/ on again - and the bar will have been lifted.


Agents can no longer lift the Content lock/over 18 adult bar, due to ofcom regulations.


Update to Adult Content Bar Removal – (Note: this change actually released between 5.10.1 and 5.10.2) – We have made improvements to the error-capturing process that will streamline our ability to fix Adult Content Bar removal requests that get stuck in the system. The agents now receive a daily email with a list of all stuck requests, which are processed in bulk for fixing regardless of whether the member has already raised a case or not.

Please also note that o2 shops or the O2 Website can not lift the over 18+ restrictions either.

Obtain your PAC code

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Hi, To obtain your (port authorisation code) also known as PAC: for leaving giffgaff
1) Dial 43431 option 1   >2 You can do it online here :
The code is valid for one month,
and It will be sent by SMS within 2 -24 working hours (Mon - Fri from 8am to 4pm) and displayed under your username on your My giffgaff page).

You might need this How do I activate my SIM?

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Hi, Once your SIM arrives you will need to head online activate it - which lets our system know it has arrived safe and sound.

3 steps to activating your new giffgaff SIM.

See the full guide see below.

Forgotten giffgaff login password and I also can't access the email account

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Hi here is how to do this,


This is the easiest way is to get your giffgaff username back is. "text" USERNAME to 43430 for your username (Upper and lower case both work) do this from your giffgaff phone.


Or online.

Simply head to and click on 'login', click on the 'Forgot your password?' link, and enter your username or password where prompted. or try this here first just enter your phone number or email address here  and you'll receive an email with your username and or password,
You'll be sent an email that contains a link which you simply need to click and select a new password.
It should arrive in just a few minutes, please check your SPAM folder.
What date did you activate,? So you can't remember just a part of the username?


Give the agent as much detail as you can.
It's worth trying to discover your username or you'll have a 24 hour wait for the agent, obviously if you don't know the password either it would be fruitless

When you ask an agent give them
Your name
Sim serial number
Email address

Say you've forgot both your username and password , and you think the email is incorrect in your giffgaff settings and ask for a reset link to be sent to the email you 'be given them

Ask an agent to sort it for you, here.
Please bear in mind there is no telephone contact as they can only be contacted online.
Also after submiting your message it can take up to 24hrs for a reply.
If you can not find your recieved agent messages they can be found here, Http:// you must be logged in to your account to view these

Internet usage for the £10 goodybag only

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Hi to see your internet usage It should be displayed on your my giffgaff page if you are using a £10 goodybag, or a gigabag. you must be (logged in)
If you have the £12 unlimited goodybag this info is displayed in your usage statement at the end of each month, or you can download an app that will tell you,
what you have used, ie a data counter.

Need to change your giffgaff number 

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Hi, if you need to change your giffgaff number, Or if its because of nuisance calls we'd advise you to let us know so we can investigate if required. or If you just want to change your number we can do that also, It will be the same sim and you will be allocated a new number, and you get to keep your existing credit/goodybag. see here  bear in mind there will be a minimum £10. top up charge after you recieve your new number.

Payback guide

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Please Go To The Official giffgaff Payback Thread,
and you will find all the answers you are looking for and need, see here
The Guide To Payback -
more info here to

To get your payback within the last 3 months of the payback preiod

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To get your payback within the last 3 months of the payback preiod
You must use your phone within the last 3 months, have an active giffgaff SIM
 if you have not (ie haven't made a call/ sent a text/ used      
 within 3 months prior to the payback end date). or
 Your service has been ceased.
 You have a pending (port authorisation) PAC (port out).
 Your service has been barred for non use.
 You have been banned from the community / all giffgaff services.
 There is a chargeback pending a payment method.

Need To Contact Educator

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Email Settings for Mobile Access for giffgaff

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Kudos and what they mean

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Hi, Kudos rating  lets you vote for the messages you think are the most useful or important.

and a way to say thanks for a posts that is helpfull

When you give Kudos to a message, you are offering a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author.

Your Kudos helps to boost the value of certain messages.

Giving Kudos is as easy as a single click, but the impact of Kudos ripples across the community.


Kudos does not count towards payback.
Kudos just help your ranks and a way to say thanks
Also see here.

Giffgaff ranks

The more help you give to the community the higher your ranking goes.


How to and what you have earned for PAYBACK and Recruits, and Free £5 credit

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Hi what you have earned for PAYBACK and Recruits, and the Free £5 credit
You will get Your Personalised usage statement  around the 5th of each month and it will explain what you have got in payback. and used for calls ect.



When recruiting a new member, do I receive credit, or/and points?



Once your sim is activated, all new sim orders made via your account (Spread giffgaff), including sims you've ordered and handed on to friends will earn you 500 points upon their activation. Points earned in one month will be accumulated and will show on your account around the 5th of the following month. Points can only be claimed/used on the Payback Payout in June and December.


Plus, if you get a new member to activate a sim within 6 weeks of registering your own sim then you'll also receive £5.00 "First recruit/activation bonus" added to your account within 5 days. This is a one off payment for recruiting your first new member.  more about the Free Credit You ONLY get the £5 free credit after activation (which by the way includes topping up or buying a goodybag) minimum TOP-UP £10, if you got your sim from a referral link / signature banner or if the person who gave it to you ordered it from their spread giffgaff page. Sims ordered direct from giffgaff (from the website, ebay banner etc) do not attract this bonus.


Also if you log into the forum and just read up on folks questions and answers you also receive an amount of pay back points.

Points are also awarded for helping out on


 or by tweeting using # tag #giffgaff

For a the complete guide to payback please visit here.

With The Help And Thanks to Rayhoo1haleAutodriveukRooneygmusic.:smileywink:

 The best way to get payback maximise payback.

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Hi, giffgaffer the best way to maximise payback is be prepared, to give the best quality answers fairly rapidly but much more importantly Accurately, and you will go far.Smiley Wink


Answering a question an hour or more after its been asked but adding nothing new is pointless, also adding to an already ie  (accepted solution) is pointless too, and could even or may lose you payback. ALWAYS read the replies of others before posting.


It;s also worth doing your research, to get the correct info, and laid out in a format that you imfomation will be informative and easy to read. "Dnt ansa a Q lk dis" Not all of us were brought up wiv txt spk.  Please do not use upper case as the full word as it is known as SHOUTING!!!

Answering a question with a question is fine if the asker (OP) is or was a little vague. He wants settings, you ask "For what phone?". That's OK.


Always be factual. Do a search yourself to confirm what you thought. Don't say "I think it might" if you haven't got a clue. if your not sure DO NOT REPLY, as this is know help to the  asker (OP) Others may read the question that DO know and have a good idea if it will work.


There are times on obscure questions when there could be multiple different solutions so a "Try this first it might work, if not then let me know" answer is a good route to go down. Process of elimination.


Also note, its not the speed of the reply, its the quality answer that can earn you your payback.
And check back on a question that you have replied to, in case the asker (OP) has added with more information!


And please remember, "Ask An Agent" is a last resort even with ACCOUNT issues, so try all the various avenues first before shoving them toward an agent


Also other great ways to earn payback is of course is giving out sims and sharing your referral link, and creating a banner are great ways to earn payback too, also see here for other ways to understand more about payback.


And another great (TIP) is also learning the giffgaff knowlege is a great way to learn, and it will also teach you better way to be prepared to help on gg.


Here you will find further answers you maybe looking for and may need, see, Guide to max payback for newbies -

Goodybag changes from 14th may 2013

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Hi, here are the new and changed goodybags as from 14th may 2013, see below for the new goodybag offerings:giffgaff_goodybags_201304.pngAlso see here for a full explaination of how things are changing Full goodybag guide link

Pricing for UK/international

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What's not included in the GOODYBAG/GIGABAG and the charges for when you bag expires also for EU and international costs

See here for the UK Pricing  and International rates here also see 

roaming prices in the EU and other selected countries at the botton of the international link.






-----------------Help Section----------------------------------------------------------------------------

The giffgaff community Knowledge Base Guide


A simple process to find a solution to your problem as quickly as possible.


Get started on giffgaff Guide


Need to Contact an Educator?


Need to Contact an Agent




A reminder of short codes that can be used with GiffGaff. see below

GiffGaff Short Codes - All


Guide: Android Phones settings


Internet Settings for Many phones Guide


Setting up your HTC device all htc phones Guide


giffgaffer's guide to iPhone 4 settings Guide


iPad settings - with screenshots Guide


Dongle Settings Guide


Having trouble, how to.

Fix iPhone internet problems - YouTube, Whatsapp, SkyGo, Uploading pictures etc. etc.



mygiffgaff App - Current situation see Here


Updated settings for the new ios

IOS 6 iPhone settings




How do I check my balance? Guide


MMS costs  Note:  Remember that MMS is not included in any goodybags: They will be charged from your airtime balance.


Complete Blackberry Guide


Goodybag Gigabag BBM Guide...


Recurring goodybags guide


Ways to top-up at giffgaff


(Buying A GoodyBag/GigaBag)


GiffGaff Mobile site. This (can be used on a Pc or Tablet).
Go here: Http://





There have been a number of requests for more information on when we will be able to offer nano SIMs on

giffgaff SEE BELOW. Firstly you can order a nano sim from here -





NANO SIM update




Using your phone Abroad roaming and MMS-sim


Will I be able to use my phone and SIM abroad?


How do I top-up? What are my top-up payment options?


How do I check my balance? Guide


To see what the signal in your area is like right now


Guide on how to Transfer it to giffgaff & Keep My Number


Unwanted calls.. Changing NUMBER


Forgotten username and/ or password Guide


Replacement or faulty / not working/ I lost or found my SIM or Phone, or stolen, or barred?


Does giffgaff supply MicroSims?


How To Remove Adult Restrictions


Voicemail settings / setting up your voicemail


iPhone voicemail notification


'm not getting free giffgaff-giffgaff calls and texts WHY


Quick guide to the personalised usage statement


Giffgaff pricing


Stopping Unsolicited Premium rate SMS Messages


All the ranks (listed here)


Guide to payback



Hope this helps See Below


unlock Apple iPhone





Need to Unlock your phone

See here Unlock link





How to buy A goodybag with a payment card or from your airtime credit:

1. Log in to your account and click "Top Up" (near the top of the page)

2. click "add to basket" for your desired goodybag

3. Blackberry users: now's the time to buy your BB Add-on if you want it

4. tick "pay for your order from your airtime credit" box (as desired)

5. click "continue"

6. click "confirm"

you have just got yourself a goodybag enjoy.








Thank You..... For my ref only..


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