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RLAH (Roaming like at home) A quick reference guide

Started by: mark1101b
On: 12/07/2017 | 10:23
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by: mark1101b
on: 12/07/2017 | 10:23

                                           RLAH (Roaming like at home) quick reference guide





  1. giffgaff to giffgaff - these remain free if the caller is in the UK but charged as above if caller is outside UK
  2. Standard International call rates referred to in the table can be found here -


  1. The Canary Islands are part of Spain so are included in RLAH
  2. Notable exceptions from RLAH – Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Monaco, Switzerland, Turkey

To see more detail


Countries included in RLAH






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by: clever007
on: 12/07/2017 | 11:42

yes, thanks a lot for this post Smiley Happy

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by: ken_peck
on: 12/07/2017 | 13:11
Really useful. Many thanks Mark.
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by: premierphotosuk
on: 12/07/2017 | 13:43

Well it's a great Roaming guide, nicely laid out and it certainly will help many many gaffers understanding about Roaming form home.


@mark1101b Thanks for taking the time to compose this very informative information.

 Well done and great to see.Smiley Very Happy

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by: ian011
on: 12/07/2017 | 14:00 edited: 13/07/2017 | 14:03

While tables can often help, unfortunately, I think this table is ambiguous on a number of levels.


As currently structured, "EU" could mean "person using a UK phone in the EU" or it could mean a "call to an EU number", likewise for "ROW". Both meanings are used in the table, but I think the context is not sufficiently spelled out.


In the "Caller" column, every entry should be prefixed with "Using giffgaff phone in, calling from..."


In the "Receiver" column, every entry should be suffixed with "...number".


For example, the "EU" entries in the first column relate to using a giffgaff phone while roaming in EU countries, but "EU" in the second column relates to calling any EU landline or mobile number.


Additionally, the "Cost" column should say "Cost to caller", just to be absolutely clear.


A table for "cost to receiver" is much simpler.



Additionally, the following destinations are missing from the list: Saint Martin, Saint Barthelemy and Vatican City.


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by: smile233
on: 12/07/2017 | 16:24
Well. It's always easy to find fault but I think this is a great quick reference guide Mark. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to do it.
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by: putneybridge
on: 13/07/2017 | 02:59
Thanks for a super simple explanation....I am calling Cape Verde prior to going there to live.......Yay !
Lots of things to arrange (and quite a lot of Portuguese ish red tape to wade through ) But the day is drawing ever nearer.....I love the UK but UK winters don't love me !!!!
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by: englandsnumber1
on: 13/07/2017 | 10:01
Thanks, that's really made it easier to understand Mark.

Italy here I come!
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by: gidder
on: 18/07/2017 | 14:53

thanks very much super helpful


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by: gidder
on: 18/07/2017 | 14:54
appreciate many thanks
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