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Radio masts in your area

Started by: xmob
On: 26/05/2010 | 10:44
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by: xmob
on: 26/05/2010 | 10:44

There's been lots of talk regarding coverage recently.


This reminded me of the Ofcom Sitefinder website.  It has a browsable map that shows you all of the radio transmitters in your area (not just mobile phone) and who operates them.


The web site is here.


Interesting stuff.

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by: jack17938
on: 26/05/2010 | 17:45

Very interesting. That is why I am only getting 2G signals, it is only 2G masts near me!


Kudos for you for finding such a good site!

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by: jonc
on: 27/05/2010 | 07:56 edited: 27/05/2010 | 07:59

Sitefinder is dreadful... but pretty much all we have at the moment. It's out of date and the interface is hopeless.


I've been attempting to get the raw data for years, but Ofcom and the networks keep stalling. As soon as it's available I plan to make a nice Google Maps mashup which would be infinitely better than the current site.


If anyone has unofficial access to the data please let me know! :-)


Edit: This has now got me thinking. I wonder how hard it would be (I suspect rather) to plug the Sitefinder data into a coverage mapping tool (such as and generate our own 2G/3G maps for each network? :-)



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by: jack17938
on: 27/05/2010 | 10:55

Why don't you officailly ask for it under the 'Freedom of Information Act'? As long as you say that you want to receive the data by email then they can't really charge you BUT they may try.


I done this with my local City Council, asked for the data to be sent by email and they didn't charge, but they were trying to if it was sent by post. They said it was paper charges.

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by: xmob
on: 27/05/2010 | 11:31

From the Sitefinder FAQ:


How up to date is Sitefinder?

3, Airwave, Network Rail, O2, Orange and Vodafone, all supply data to Ofcom at approximately 3 months intervals. Because of the uncertainty of whether Ofcom may have to disclose the data under the Freedom of Information Act, T-Mobile has decided not to supply data for Sitefinder, pending the outcome of legal proceedings in the Court of Appeal to determine if Ofcom should supply copies of the Sitefinder data to third parties in future.

Can I have a copy of the Sitefinder Database?

The data within Sitefinder is owned by the mobile network operators, who supplied it on a voluntary basis.   It is presented in an agreed format as the underlying data is regarded as commercially and security sensitive. Ofcom does not have the Industry's consent to release either the data or any other derivations from it . We are not, therefore, supplying the underlying dataset to any enquirers.  Legal proceedings are ongoing to consider the applicability of the Freedom of Information Act and associated legislation to such network data.

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by: kcip
on: 27/05/2010 | 14:50


FOI... been there, done that...




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by: danielclo1il
on: 29/05/2010 | 18:33

well since the database is "volentary" and we can't have it, why dont we all add masts in our local areas?


i'll set something up later, and we can add our local masts etc, and hopefully we'll have our own ACCURATE version Smiley Happy


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by: danielclo1il
on: 29/05/2010 | 19:01 edited: 29/05/2010 | 19:08

i have just made a map we can add our masts to,

you need to sign into google maps, with a google account, and save it to your maps before it will let you edit it Smiley Happy


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by: jack17938
on: 29/05/2010 | 19:54

When I get a spare bit of time I will update the Glasgow area, it is a BIG task though.


Also, I can't see why we can't know where radio masts are. What is the point in not letting us know, what are we going to do with the information maliciously?

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by: danielclo1il
on: 29/05/2010 | 19:57

i dont see why t-mobile won't disclose the masts, maybe its coz there so shoddy?


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