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Roaming in corfu

Started by: stephengeraldthornhill
On: 30/06/2017 | 17:28
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by: stephengeraldthornhill
on: 30/06/2017 | 17:28

Word of warning visitors to the lovely Greek island of corfu can get a nasty surprise with a roaming bill.

While Greece is covered by the new European union arrangements Albania just three miles from corfu isn't.

It is a routine occurrence here for roaming to switch automatically from a Greek network to an  Albanian one with eye watering charges of up to £1.50 a minute.

I got caught out and in just 15 minutes had a bill of £15.

There is how ever an easy solution select international roaming bit select manual not automatic selection and mannuallys elect one of the three local networks I found the state owned grcosmote had the best signal strength


Hope that is useful



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by: clairef866
on: 30/06/2017 | 17:33
Thanks for letting us know Smiley Happy
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by: alex075
on: 30/06/2017 | 17:35
Nice one lad !
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by: clever007
on: 01/07/2017 | 06:45

well informative post friend Smiley Happy

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by: kathleen414
on: 04/07/2017 | 22:45




Excellent thanks 



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by: mij_sky
on: 05/07/2017 | 09:44
that is a really good tip ,, thanks for the info ,,, always good to do manual while away
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by: jaj102101
on: 06/07/2017 | 22:39
thanks for heads up. going there soon
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by: amy_b_d
handy giff-staffer

on: 10/07/2017 | 14:22

Hey Stephen, 


I'm actually going back to Corfu in August so I will definitely keep this advice in mind. Thank you for sharing this with us. =) 

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