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San Francisco II Root/Debrand

Started by: bluejcullen
On: 07/04/2012 | 16:55
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by: bluejcullen
on: 07/04/2012 | 16:55
The easiest way I found to do mine was to flash a new TPT and ROM. This can all be done from your phone. Disclaimer: worked perfectly for me but I hold no responsibility if you brick your device!

Download this TPT and this ROM (Fish and Chips RLS 5.1) to your SD card.

Extract TPT zip to SD card root (stock filer won't work, use for example OI File Manager free from Play Store). Don't extract ROM zip!

Make sure you back up everything you need to keep as this process will wipe data.. if you need help with that ask. Also ensure battery is fully charged.

Once you're ready go to settings>about phone>system updates>storage card updates and click ok. Your phone will reboot and flash TPT update, then boot in to CWM based recovery.

Nearly there now!

In recovery, follow this procedure : (to navigate in recovery - up/down = volume keys, select =home key, back =back key)

-Wipe Data/Factory Reset -Wipe Cache Partition -Advanced options > Wipe Dalvik Cache -Install zip from SD card -Choose zip from SD card (Should be in downloads/) -Wait for install -Reboot system now

First boot may take up to 5 mins so be patient.

Recalibrate battery stats after flash and all will be unlocked and rooted and no Orange apps. Data should connect automatically as Giffgaff APNs are included in ROM.
TPT will repartition enough space to accommodate Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM when issues have been resolved.

Any issues please ask.

Good luck (:
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by: morvin
on: 07/04/2012 | 16:58
Ask an Educator to move this in Top Tips. Well done
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by: knoppixeu
on: 07/04/2012 | 16:58
Nice but in the wrong section Smiley Tongue
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by: bluejcullen
on: 07/04/2012 | 17:15
Thanks for your appreciation, educator contacted and thread moved (:
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by: gandulph
on: 28/04/2012 | 12:29

Brilliant. Worked like a charm. Straightforward and simple. Thanks

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by: shalman
on: 28/04/2012 | 16:04
Can you make a guide on how to root htc wildfire s?
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by: dwilden
on: 10/05/2012 | 22:41



I want to unlock and debrand my SFII  when it arrives, and this process seems so much simpler than anything else I've seen.


But it doesn't mention "unlocking", so can you please  advise if this procedure will also unlock the phone.


If so, I would be interested to know from anyone else who has done this successfully or of any problems people have encountered.





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by: dwilden
on: 13/05/2012 | 21:37

Although I din't get any replies to my previous post, I tried this method myself this weekend  and can report it really is simple, and worked perfectly.   In my case I downloaded the two files to my PC first, and then transferred them to me phone's SD card using the normal Android USB transfer process  (No special drivers or software needed to be installed on the PC unlike other methods I have seen posted).


If this method works reliably, I can't see why the more complex methods are required (at lest for a newcome like me). However, I don't know if other people have had problems with it.  Perhaps if other people who have tried this method  posted their experiences (good or bad), it would help newcomers like myself to decide the safest method to use.



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