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Setting best answers, awarding star ratings and giving kudos

Started by: essie112mm
On: 05/09/2014 | 16:33
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by: essie112mm
on: 05/09/2014 | 16:33 edited: 18/05/2015 | 18:19

Setting Best Answers, awarding star ratings and giving kudos on Help and Support          



One of the best ways to reward each other for help we receive on the Help and Support forum is simply to say “thanks”.We can do this by returning to our original thread to post an update and in other ways by taking time to select a Best Answer, award star ratings and give kudos .


Note : following recent changes to the website design the ability to give star ratings was suspended. At the time of editing it is not known if this is a permanent change or an alternative means to grade answers will be offered. 




Best answers


Setting a best answer by pressing the “Set as best answer” tab at the bottom right side of a post is the very best way to say thanks to a helper for helping you with your problem or question.


When you set a Best Answer it tells other members that your problem has been solved or answered to your satisfaction, and unless someone has new information to add the thread closes.


More than that, taking a few moments to select a Best Answer is a way of you helping other members in the future who might be searching for help with a similar issue to your own. A thread marked in this way enables them quickly to identify which threads are most likely to have the information and solution they require. The meaning of the word ‘ giffgaff’ is “mutual giving”, so by setting a Best Answer and giving back to the Community you are also upholding the principle on which our network is founded.


Our advice is that you wait before rushing into making a selection from the first one or two replies and instead allow members time to post individual answers. Often the very best and most thoughtful answers can be found towards the end of a thread.


We understand that sometimes a member wants to change their mind, so if that happens and you want to unset your Best Answer just click on the options tab in the relevant post and select “Not the Best Answer”. This then cancels your choice and allows a different answer to be selected instead.




Star ratings


Star ratings are a tool to help us to help each other improve the content and quality of our posts. This means that awarding them is very different from accepting solutions as Best Answers. Ratings allow anyone to grade answers in a thread from 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent) and members who contributed to the thread can see in a more objective way how well their reply answered the question.  The number of stars you award a reply can be changed by highlighting a star and then double-clicking it, but once you have awarded stars you can’t change your mind and not award any at all.


When awarding stars it’s useful to bring to mind the elements of the check list CHAIR ( C= clarity H=helpfulness A=accuracy I=informative R=relevance) which we should also be aiming to keep in mind ourselves when writing a post.


Here’s an example of how you might apply star ratings.



“I have a goodybag but can only ring some numbers. When I call others the number rings but as soon as someone answers the call drops. Please help.”


      Answer one

     “ You need to contact an agent about this”

                * 1 star                            

      Answer two

     “ Is your goodybag active ?”

               ** 2 stars

      Answer three

     “ Dial *100*7# to check that you have a goodybag with calls allowance.

     Are the contacts you can ring also with giffgaff ?”

              *** 3 stars

       Answer four

     “ Are the calls which you can make Freephone numbers or members of giffgaff ? It looks like your

      goodybag has run out of minutes or expired. Check by dialling *100*7#. From now on you’ll need   

      credit to buy calls or buy a new goodybag.”        

              **** 4 stars

      Answer five

     “ Can you only call free numbers and giffgaff contacts ?

      And when you dial *100*7# does it show no remaining calls allowance and zero credit if you dial    

      *100# ?

      If the answer is “yes” to both questions it suggests that either your goodybag has finished or     

      you’ve run out of minutes, and you have no balance. If your goodybag has finished this means

      you must buy another * goodybag  or airtime credit to pay for calls at at PAYG rate of 10p/min until your 

       goodybag finishes.  (* after 24th September 2014 it will be possible to scrap your goodybag before its finish 

      date and replace it with a new one )


       You might have to restart your phone after topping up.”

             ***** 5 stars



The ratings in this example thread will tell the member who posted answer one that their reply was poor and needs improving for next time, and give the member who posted answer five a real buzz to know that their reply was top notch.







Kudos can be awarded by any member simply by clicking on the blue star at the bottom of a post and are a friendly way of showing appreciation for help received. As only one post in a thread can be selected as a Best Answer giving a kudo to other helpful answers is another way of thanking members who you feel have contributed towards resolving your issue.  When a reply attracts a number of kudos from other members it also singles it out as a good answer. Giving kudos to correct answers is also a great way of encouraging members who are new to helping on the forum.





@scrappydez has suggested that I include a section on tagging. This is a tool whereby words are added to a post to aid searching . A great thread already exists

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by: essie112mm
on: 05/09/2014 | 17:43

Just for clarification - this thread is posted here in readiness to be moved to the Help forum

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by: richybhoy36
on: 05/09/2014 | 19:27
Hi there ,in my opinion the best answer isn't used enough! Richy
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by: kicker
on: 05/09/2014 | 19:32
Plenty of quality Best answers out their but it's not pressed enough is that BUTTON.
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by: essie112mm
on: 05/09/2014 | 20:23

@richybhoy36   @kicker 


Agreed ! Best Answers are so important and yet so under-used - hence the drive to encourage members to set them more often. 

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by: kicker
on: 05/09/2014 | 21:03
I totally agree with you @essie112mm
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by: richybhoy36
on: 05/09/2014 | 21:11
Yeah not only does it help the newcomers to giffgaff but it also helps us guys n girls that have been here for a while 😊 Richy
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by: kipperphil
on: 05/09/2014 | 22:24


I think this is a great post and should be very helpful.

Just on a picky note given that very soon we will be able to buy goodybags before the last one expires you might want to change the line

"If you try to buy another goodybag before one has finished it will only queue"

I know it'sonly an example but we want to give accurate info even in examples so that people are always ready accurate information.

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by: rayraybb
on: 05/09/2014 | 22:52
This is a helpful post haha.
Anyhow best answers are just very subjective, so its always for reference only.
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by: lulurules
on: 06/09/2014 | 07:43
Agreed best answers are not used enough sadly on my phone cannot give stars but do when on pc Smiley Happy
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