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Stoping your laptop from over heating

Started by: shabbas
On: 24/07/2019 | 22:50
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by: shabbas
on: 24/07/2019 | 22:50

Hi friends

Unfortunatly, i witnessed a family home going up in flames yesterday. All because the laptop over heated and exploded. 

So i want to use this post as a guide to how we can prevent such incidents from happening. 


Feel free to recommend and post your ideas. 


  • Please place your laptop on a hard and flat surface
  • Make sure the cooling fans are not covered 
  • Clean the cooling fans

In this extra hot weather, please take extra care with all electrical products as they can over heat. 

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by: bvbc
on: 25/07/2019 | 02:34
Thanks for sharing
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by: charlixsparkles
on: 25/07/2019 | 06:52
Oh no Smiley Sad

There are laptop cooling stands on Amazon, but a hard and flat surface ought to suffice for most.
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by: pw6049
on: 25/07/2019 | 08:25
Thanks that's great advice.
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by: peterhall0012
on: 25/07/2019 | 08:40
Thanks 😀 for the tip
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by: pinkunykorn
on: 25/07/2019 | 15:26
Thanks for the tip
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by: gloriousiam
on: 25/07/2019 | 20:35

Nice tips @shabbas, be careful about this hot weather while using electric devices.

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by: giris12
on: 25/07/2019 | 21:53
Thanks for the tip.
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by: nickpick
on: 25/07/2019 | 21:54
Spot on !
Never use a laptop on a bed or pillow or soft furnishing as it may smother those vents and cause overheating.
The same applies to anything electical that has a cooling fan, such as Xbox etc . . .
Have a look on YouTube as to how to keep the vents and fans clean and cool running.
Thanks shabbas
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by: jsmith2009
on: 26/07/2019 | 07:18


Thanks for the advice. Always best to be careful with electronic devices.


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