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The best phone android phone?

Started by: 1997m
On: 17/08/2014 | 14:44
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by: 1997m
on: 17/08/2014 | 14:44
Need more thoughts because I wana buy a new phone
Thank you
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by: 33410
on: 17/08/2014 | 14:45
Samsung galaxy s5 or Samsung galaxy s4
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by: lifeishard2014
on: 17/08/2014 | 14:57
How much u wana spend ??
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by: simonefaye78
on: 17/08/2014 | 15:01
It all depends on your needs and budget. If you just want a basic android for under £100 you could go for the moto e. If you want to spend a bit more but under £200 you could go for the moto g or moto g 4g. Then there is the whole Samsung galaxy range, the nexus 5, the lg g2 and g3. All good phones, varying in budget and ability
So anyway...
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by: northernnoel
on: 17/08/2014 | 15:03
Nexus 5 is great for pure android. I found touchwiz lagged unbelievably on my S3 before hand
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by: 1997m
on: 17/08/2014 | 15:05
Ayt thank
I think I might get the Samsung galaxy s5
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by: pwei94
on: 17/08/2014 | 15:56
@simonefaye78 is bang on. There is no one 'best' phone. There is the one that best meets your needs, but that is different for everyone. Lots of people have flagship phone but never use them to their full capability. But then i think some of it comes down to brag value. I know a few people with Moto Gs which are excellent phones for the cash.
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by: lifeishard2014
on: 17/08/2014 | 17:03
Ive used the samsung galaxy s5 before and its a really good phone...
but for some reason i preferred the lg g2 or moto g

Smiley Wink
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by: cj_9
on: 17/08/2014 | 17:34

Don't rule Sony out, I've got the Sony Xperia Z, the flagship phone about a year and a half ago and it's STILL amazing! and stands up against my brothers Samsung Galaxy 4? (think it's that) My Sony is Waterproof, 4G ready, has an AMAZING camera and a 1080p HD Screen, so you can take AMAZING photos and see them in full HD! and the newer Xperia Z1 and Z2 are just as great phones with some slightly better stats, but for general use the Z is still great! After my Xperia Z I can't see myself going away from Sony, everything just seems right with it!

I'd suggest looking at a few phones from DIFFERENT companies, then going somewhere like Phones4U and asking to try them out Smiley Happy

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