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Transferring number

Started by: katecooney123
On: 27/05/2015 | 18:27
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by: katecooney123
on: 27/05/2015 | 18:27
my transfer date for my number was meant to be yesterday and nothing's happened. I have reset my phone and took the SIM card out and put it back in and still nothing... Can anyone help?
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by: suzyevs
on: 27/05/2015 | 18:34
What number shows on your dashboard.
If its your new number. Try restarting your phone again.
If its your old number.
Ask the agents to look into it for you.

If you have problems, try a different browser, ie Chrome, Firefox. Or use the link below,

And choose 30 in the drop down box. And then write the specific nature of your issue in the text box provided.

They can take up to 24 hours to reply.
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by: katecooney123
on: 27/05/2015 | 20:04
Oh yeah it's working now. Thanks very much
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by: aktachande
on: 28/05/2015 | 14:57
if you go onto your my giffgaff page. It will show you your number active now.
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