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Turn off mobile data when at home or using wifi!!

Started by: mbthapa25
On: 26/06/2015 | 21:44
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by: mbthapa25
on: 26/06/2015 | 21:44

Maybe this has been suggested before, but I thought it won't hurt to share.


While I was using wifi on my phone at home, I noticed that my mobile data allowance was getting used, even though my phone was connected to the wifi.. turns out, i had a patchy wifi connection at the time. And, before i knew it.. more than 100MB got used in a matter of 2-3 mins.. while i was downloading some phone updates..


So, my tip is turn off mobile data completely, when you are connected to wifi.. to avoid illusion sometimes that we're being connected to wifi, while we may not notice that the wifi signal has been lost, or there was some error... as the phone just reverts back automatically to using mobile data..


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by: kbadlan
on: 26/06/2015 | 22:17

Good point. Definitely worth doing where wifi is patchy

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by: mydrawer
on: 26/06/2015 | 23:16

What did you do to download 100mb in 2-3 minutes? A simple check on your icons on the top would have shown the wifi icon. Maybe a better tip would be a new wifi router modem

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by: xavtia
on: 27/06/2015 | 01:53

Good idea, especially if you have a decent data connection at home.


It's not just patchy wifi, low battery mode on some phones may automatically switches the wifi off when the battery reaches a certain level but doesn't always switch the data off.

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by: ruthgirl
on: 27/06/2015 | 08:55
If only our mobile is clever to auto off mobile data when entering wifi zones.
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by: andyrh68
on: 27/06/2015 | 11:54

Better still, set your phone to only download updates over wi fi.


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by: moominpappa
on: 28/06/2015 | 08:20
Good tip! Turning off mobile data is a good idea.

Twice recently I've had a broadband outage (thanks Plusnet, your customer service also sucks) and been merrily using my phone using mobile data without knowing that I'm not connected to WiFi.

Surely I would have noticed the icons change? No - not all phones display the task bar at all times (watch a video in full screen or browse the internet and you'll see).
It's very easy to use a lot of data, even webpages can be in the region of 10MB a piece these days, so it pays to turn off mobile data if you have a dodgy WiFi connection. Or you use Plusnet.
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by: bava99
on: 30/06/2015 | 19:37
Agreed, mobile data can be used very quickly so always a good idea to be turned off
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by: arthurmunday
on: 30/07/2017 | 20:34

I've got an iPhone 7 Plus and have noticed in the mornings that my remaining data is lower that the night before, with a solid wifi connection...nothing new there from reading these posts. 


So i have had my data turned off all day and to monitor the situation. 


What i found shocked me, some data, only 10's of Kb, has been used whilst data is turned off. Not all in one go but the figure has changed several times through the day. 

Any idea how this can be? How near to real time is the remaining data figure?


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by: dmclarens
on: 01/08/2017 | 19:40
I recently learned a valuable tip along same lines - set your phone's mobile data warning/limit level to much lower than your actual level, like only 1gb if you have 5gb, that way you don't lose too much if anything kinda goes wrong as your phone automatically shuts it off, only small hassle being having to increase it (reset at higher levels) over the month. Learned this after losing about 4gb when a WiFi download I'd forgotten about stayed on when I went out and it switched to mobile data. Always set your limit low to stay in maximum control!
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