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Ubuntu Touch APN settings for Nexus 4

Started by: artpage
On: 13/05/2015 | 17:26
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by: artpage
on: 13/05/2015 | 17:26 edited: 13/05/2015 | 17:42

Having spent days reading up and watching youtube to find how to install Ubuntu Touch I'm happy to say the data settings where a dodle.


If anyone is interested the quickest way to install Ubuntu Touch is to buy a supported phone, then after rooting, backing up and unlocking the device you might consider installing Ubuntu dual boot and the rest is done for you from your phone.


If you're still not convinced consider one final thing, trying to install it on an unsupported device requires developer skills with or without which you and the phone still might brick it ;-) 



APN settings: 


1. choose Custom Internet APN


2. internet APN,


3. Username, giffgaff


Password, leave blank


4. Activate


that's all I did and it went straight online and yes I did swich off wifi for the test.


I don't have any extra credit/ballance so I've not set up mms

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by: w69d
on: 13/05/2015 | 17:35
Hi artpage, that's a great piece of information

But you may want to install the MMS settings still as they're needed for receiving MMS messages as well
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by: imy101
on: 13/05/2015 | 17:38
You dont need credit to setup mms on your phone its free to set it up
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by: artpage
on: 13/05/2015 | 17:52

yes it is free but I can't test it...hold on

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by: artpage
on: 13/05/2015 | 17:53

yes very true but I can't test it...hold on

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by: artpage
on: 13/05/2015 | 17:57

Is that true?


OK so I've followed your advice and filled in the mms settings all be it with one or two things not cattered for, but I can't test it.

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