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Use o2 Active mobile homepage To Use ( Very Nice)

Started by: jamie
On: 27/01/2010 | 20:55
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by: jamie
on: 27/01/2010 | 20:55

Hello Giffgaffers !


I was playing on my X o2 phone with the new giffgaff simcard and I noticed GiffGaff don't have their own Wap Site . This may not bother mutch but I like it when I can press the Internet button and nice links to search/News/What's new on BigBrother /Email and so on. Just to let you know you can use o2 activates wap site that has all the things above available Smiley Happy (happy) , I do admit its not as good as the version H3G(Three) Offer but its the best you will get .


Change your homepage to ...



Jamie ..


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by: jonmd
on: 15/03/2010 | 23:32

When I do this using skyfire it doesn't draw optimally and says I must be using wifi or are not on o2 network.

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by: jamie
on: 12/04/2010 | 18:13

hmmm sorry to hear this ... Must be a bug somewhere .... ALways worked for me tho Smiley Very Happy


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by: andyking
on: 17/04/2010 | 11:18

That's because Skyfire uses a proxy to connect to web pages, like Opera Mini - you're not getting a direct connection to the site, so your IP looks like it's not O2. 

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by: jamie
on: 17/04/2010 | 11:29

Well that makes sense lol . I have always just used the phones browser


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