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Where did that kudos come from ?

Started by: hg
On: 07/05/2010 | 00:14
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by: hg
on: 07/05/2010 | 00:14 edited: 07/05/2010 | 00:25


Got some kudos and wondering who was kind enough to give it to you ?

Just left-click your mouse pointer on the number you see next to the kudos star on your post, and all will be revealed.

You can do that on other people's posts too, and see who is giving kudos to who


Simple, huh ?



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by: allan1954
on: 06/06/2010 | 07:56

thanks hg wondered about this for some time.

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by: ncampbell
on: 06/06/2010 | 08:28

Very nice hg!


Thanks for your input!

Nigel Campbell
giffgaff Advisor

Yes..I'm here to Help!!...

If you've asked a question, mark the best answer as 'Accepted solution'. This lets everyone know you're sorted - It also gives kudos to the giffgaffer who helped you. Nice!
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by: jack17938
on: 06/06/2010 | 13:42

It is a little sneaky I think BUT now I know....



Many thanks.

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