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Where's/Whys all my Data/Internet Gone etc

Started by: djbonner07
On: 26/07/2017 | 15:00
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by: djbonner07
on: 26/07/2017 | 15:00 edited: 22/05/2018 | 02:05

- Top Tip


Wondering what's using up your giffgaff internet data fast/missing data 


This will also explain on how to save and not use so much data if needed



It could be many of things thats taken/used up your Data / Internet


"Here's a few examples"

● 4G Enabled/Using 4G Speeds
● Internet Sharing/Tethering your data via WiFI Hotspot / USB to another Handset/Device 

● Dongles / MIFI 

● Sharing Hotspot/Tethering to Playstation/Xbox
● Online Gaming via your APPS on your Phone
● Music/Podcast Streaming
● Facebook streaming
● You Tube streaming
● System Updates
● Game Updates
● Game Downloads
● Background Apps Gavering information
● iMessage
● Video Calling
● Messenger (calls/video)
● File Downloads (music/apk's/apps/video's)
● Downloading From Torrent Sites
● Uploading
● Adding Widgets (this is ongoing straming/updating)

● 4K Streaming (uses loads of data and is one to stay well away from)


And the list goes on, a lot of the above would take data down very fast within minutes/hours with some of those listed



Also, If you have a 4G compatible handset / device and you use 4G then that will use a lot more data than using 3G data



Save Data >>


● 4G User's >

"In The Future" , if you can get away with streaming or surfing the net ok using 3G then that will save you a lot of data and use that when you don't need to run and use many apps etc

All User's >

You could always update/download things that are large on your phone by using a "Hot-Spot" / "WiFi Connection and turn your updates/downloads to Wifi only, just a thought.


Also, "Text PLAN" to 43430 for your Data/Internet Usage (Last 30 Days Use)




iPhone’s:  (Optional)

(How to turn off Wi-Fi Assist) iPhone


Tap Settings,
Then Tap > Mobile Data,
Next, > Scroll right to the bottom and check that Wi-Fi Assist is turned off (select till not green other words)



Androids:  (Optional) Turn off Auto-Updates for using mobile network connection. 


Open Google Play, once the page has opened, click on the 3 lines at the top left, a side window will/should open, once that has opened, scroll down to settings and select that, look for Auto-update apps, once found click that and select “Do not auto-update apps or you can select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.



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by: djbonner07
on: 26/07/2017 | 15:11
There is a link I've got for this post and please feel free to post it if this is brought up again


Also, i will upgrade this post once i get on a laptop and spread it out better etc as i only could start it on a smart phone

Cheers Smiley Happy
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by: djbonner07
on: 26/07/2017 | 15:56
@bluemoonbaz >>>

Hiya stranger lol, not seen you around in agessss, hope your all well mate, thanks ever so much for your kind reply, i will add more obviously if i come across anymore because alot of this is my past experience I've added to my post so its nice to know it really could help, you take care and i hope to see more of you mate

Cheer baz,

Steve. 👍🏻
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by: foolish
on: 26/07/2017 | 18:29

So basically accessing the internet will use your data. Smiley Surprised


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by: clever007
on: 27/07/2017 | 07:21

hello @djbonner07 very nice and informative post Smiley Happy

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by: djbonner07
on: 27/07/2017 | 17:31
@clever007 >>>

Hello Smiley Happy
Thanks ever so much

I was thinking i was going to be reading negitive replies (it happens lol) , am sure i might get a few but it will be nice not to as I've gathered all this info myself from my past experience etc so its more to help others as well, and if it does i will be a very happy bunny
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by: donutx
on: 09/04/2018 | 08:45
Thank you good tips 👍🏽
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by: djbonner07
on: 18/04/2018 | 19:52
Updated, added some android information to turn of Auto Update’s for the “Googleplay Store” (Optional)
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