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Why not to use adblock on giffgaffs community!

Started by: laurence22
On: 24/08/2014 | 21:13
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by: laurence22
on: 24/08/2014 | 21:13 edited: 24/08/2014 | 21:14

Why not to use adblock on giffgaffs community


If you have adblock enabled then you have probably thourght, where are peoples banners. The thing is Adblock blocks banners on the giffgaff website, and as there are no ads for other companys on the giffgaff website why not disable it for the giffgaff site(it will still block ads on other sites)


To disable adblock on giffgaff's website just do the following:(instructions for chrome)

  1. Click on adblock logo next to URL/Search bar
  2. Click "Don't run on pages on this domain"
  3. A popup box will apear, dont change the settings just press the "Exclude" button in the bottom left.

Doing this wont effect adblock on other websites like youtube or facebook, but will make your experience on giffgaff better!


Have fun now being able to see peoples banners, if anyone has noticed anything else that has been effected by adblock please message me and I will mention it on this thread!

If I have been helpfull please mark as 'Best Answer' and kive KUDOS!

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by: mba_263
on: 24/08/2014 | 21:18
Interesting thanks
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by: bobrobinson
on: 24/08/2014 | 21:38

Iv already done that. But thanks for the imfo.All the best mateSmiley Wink

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by: joolzian
on: 24/08/2014 | 23:03

I use ad-block to block avatars ( flashing and the ugliest photosSmiley Tongue ) on giffgaff

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by: lulurules
on: 24/08/2014 | 23:43
Ive tried your add block but still no luck for me Smiley Sad
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by: lulurules
on: 25/08/2014 | 14:56
Any more suggested using Xperia E
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by: jaycat
on: 25/08/2014 | 15:01

Not seeing people's banners is a good reason for me to carry on using ABP here, so far as I'm concerned.

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