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giffgaff: best tariff calculator

Started by: screetonmatthew
On: 12/09/2013 | 20:38
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 12/09/2013 | 20:38 edited: 05/10/2015 | 20:03

giffgaff best tariff calculator


  • Immediately shows best tariff
  • Calculates total monthly cost
  • Shows all possible options
  • Simply enter number of minutes, text and MB of data
  • Helpful for both new and current users
  • Data calculator and help section

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I have just started learning to program (Edit: a tad more experienced now Smiley Happy), so I thought I would try and give something back to the community. If anyone has any problems, please let me know and I will try and fix it as soon as possible!


A huge thanks for all the support, bug reports and general help from the community that has made this calculator far better than it was when I first wrote it Smiley Happy 


Hope it is helpful,


giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: roypaleface
on: 12/09/2013 | 20:42

Impressive, I like it.

Checked a few examples, not found any problems so far.

Certainly has my vote.

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by: hrhjac
on: 12/09/2013 | 20:43
What an absolutely brilliant calculator screetonmatthew. It would be great if this was added to the "Join" section :thumbsup:
Jan Smiley Happy
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 12/09/2013 | 20:44

Thank you, I have posted it there (I think) - sorry I'm a bit new to the giffgaff community! 

giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: shortylumber
on: 12/09/2013 | 20:50
very nice little app there. and a very warm welcome to giffgaff
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 12/09/2013 | 20:55
Thank you Smiley Happy (an admin just moved this to top tips as i put it in the wrong place)
giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: nbic
on: 12/09/2013 | 22:44
wow.. welcome and well done. will be using this to check usage regularly, thanks
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by: rubikcube
on: 12/09/2013 | 23:54

Nice piece of programming, well done.


Unfortunately on my computer some of the text is wrapping, for example £7.5 is on one line and goodybag on the next which then doesn't fit into the boxes.


The bad way to fix it would be to specify the precise fonts to be used.


The better and more modern fix is the responsive one. Change those px values in your styles to ems. Let the whole table adjust in size according to the users font settings.

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by: knick
on: 13/09/2013 | 01:00

very nice mattew,you will go far.

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by: blueshred
on: 13/09/2013 | 08:28
useful little tool, well done.
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