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giffgaffer's guide to Windows Phone 7(.5)

Started by: oktane
On: 07/11/2011 | 00:14
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by: oktane
on: 07/11/2011 | 00:14 edited: 16/04/2012 | 12:37
This is a guide to setting up your Windows Mobile 7(.5) device for giffgaff. The instructions mentioned are based upon WP7(.5). There will also be slight different variations according to device manufacturer.
This guide is availabe here - (Thanks Khairul)



Internet (For all phones)


1) After activating your sim (online) insert your SIM card into your device and switch it on.

2) Your phone may recognise the network as 'O2 UK'. This is because giffgaff runs on the O2 network, and is nothing to worry about. 

3) Go to Settings.

4.) Go to mobile network

5.) Ensure the "Data Connection" is set to "On"

6.) Go down to "Network Selection" and ensure its set to "Automatic" 


For HTC Device Users

7,) Click on the "Windows" key in the middle of the phone to take you back to the main screen. Install the HTC Connection Setup application ( to check to see if you already have it look for "Connection Setup" in the applications on your phone.) from the "HTC Apps" in the marketplace application

8.)Run the Application "Connection Setup"

9.) Click on the "Carrier" and select "giffgaff"

10.) Click the the tick to save

11.) Restart the phone

12.) On the "Settings" -> Mobile Network area click on "add apn" and enter the following details

Username: giffgaff
Password: password



For NON-HTC & NON NOKIA Device Users

7.) On the "Settings" -> Mobile Network area click on "add apn" and enter the following details

Username: giffgaff
Password: password 

Note: Try with AND without the proxy/portnumber, people are reporting that internet/mms and the marketplace are all working without the proxy/port number.

Proxy server/URL:

Proxy Port: 8080 

8.) Click on save

9.) Restart the phone



MMS (Multimedia messaging)


For all users, please make sure your sim is working, internet is working AND you have a top up balance in your account!!!
For HTC Device Users
Follow steps described above to setup internet, this should enable MMS (dependant on the operators rom)


For Non HTC & NON Nokia Device Users on WP7 (not WP7.5)

The problem is that WP7 doesnt support configuration of MMS manually and the non HTC phones do not have autoconfiguration for all carriers. There is one option that can get it working, but its done at your own risk. Essentially you need an external tool to do this for your, but WP7 will not allow this tool unless your phone allows sideloading (ie the equivalent of jailbraking your Iphone to allow non market place apps to run). There are 2 ways in which you can enable this are:


1.) Enable sideloading via the MS WP7 development site ($99 cost) - 

2.)Use ChevronWP7 tool that is to be released in the next few weeks and will cost less than $9 - Supported by MS.


Then run the app hosted here to set the MMS settings (Note - this is for WP7 non HTC phones only) -


Update - If you have a non HTC phone and its WP7.5, you need to enable Interop sideloading. This is not unlocked by the methods 1 or 2 above. The instructions below work for the Samsung/LG phones - definately follow at your own risk!!!



For Non Nokia Devices

Due to the way in which MMS works for WP7(.5) phones (ie the settings are configured in the ROM or automatically configured on the first boot of phone based on the sim cards value) will not always work. However, there is a hamstrung approach - that allows for usage of MMS, but the Marketplace will not work over your 3G/Data connection, it will only work over WIFI connectivity. This approach has worked with varying degrees of success on HTC and non HTC phones -



1.) Turn Off Wifi

2.)  Set the APN settings (As defined above), restart the phone and test that Internet/MMS works

3.)  Test Windows Marketplace, this should fail - To get both MMS/Marketplace working using APN settings does not work

4.)  Turn On Wifi (and connect to your Wifi Network)

5.) Test  Windows Marketplace which should run over your WIFI connection. You should be able to connect AND download apps. MMS should continue to work over you 3G connection.


If this still does not work, try the following

6.) This sets you phone back into its initial state and you will LOSE EVERYTHING on the phone. To change the phone you need to go to "Settings -> System -> About" and click reset phone. PLEASE note that this will erase all settings on your phone. Re-setup your phone, Live accounts and sync with you PC at least once so you can get your phone registered with Zune.

7.) Run the steps 1-5 again.


MARKETPLACE UPDATE -  (Working on HTC Mozart, HTC TITAN, HTC Radar and Samsung Omnia)

1.)  Set the APN settings, But clear the proxy/port number (As defined above), restart the phone and test that Internet/MMS works

2.)  Test that the Windows Marketplace now works



Voicemail (For all Devices)

 If this did not auto configure follow the steps below to set it up

1.) Click on the Phone icon on the home screen

2.) On the "History" page that is displayed, click the "..." in the bottom right hand corner

3.) Click "call settings"

4.) Under "Voicemail number", click the box 

5.) In the popup screen , type 443 and click "Save"


Nokia Lumia Phone Family Setup (Internet/MMS/Marketplace)

Thanks to SmallTownAnimal for these settings!!!


1. )Install/Download the Nokia Network Setup application

2.) Start the application and click on the + to add a new APN and use the settings below

Name: GiffGaff2

Internet APN

Access Point Name -

Username - giffgaff

Password - password

- Leave the proxy address and proxy port blank



Access Point Name -

Username - giffgaff

Password - password

Proxy address -

Proxy port - 8080



3.) Select your new APN settings (GiffGaff2 or whatever you called it) as your chosen settings.

4.) Reset phone



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by: stephenmiller
on: 07/11/2011 | 00:19

Great stuff oktane, about time someone made up a WP7/7.5 guide

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by: mgb2
on: 07/11/2011 | 00:36 edited: 07/11/2011 | 00:37

@stephenmiller wrote:

Great stuff oktane, about time someone made up a WP7/7.5 guide


so many people are confused by the mms thing

top work

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be nice, kudos where due, solution if earnt
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by: nelsonmcunha
on: 07/11/2011 | 15:46

hi thanks for the info, but I can't find the HTC Connection Setup application i the market place ?


any ideas ?





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by: oktane
on: 07/11/2011 | 17:19

Hi, apologies I am was not 100% clear. In the Marketplace app, go to HTC Apps, and then download the connection setup application provided by HTC.

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by: khairul
on: 11/11/2011 | 01:07
Great stuff, oktane. A much-needed guide we've been anticipating Smiley Happy

I have created a short link to this guide:
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by: stephenmiller
on: 11/11/2011 | 14:29

@khairul wrote:
Great stuff, oktane. A much-needed guide we've been anticipating Smiley Happy

I have created a short link to this guide:

Thanks Khairul, I've been linking to this a bit recently so an easy to remember bitly is great

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by: rob77
on: 12/11/2011 | 13:09
Thanks for the great guide oktane Smiley Happy I have my friends HTC HD7 at the moment and the problem is if I use the HTC connection settings app I can browse the net ok and send receive MMS's. But then I cannot download from the market by 3g. If I go in to the cellular settings and add an APN with the giffgaff settings I can download ok through the marketplace but then my MMS stops functioning. Is there any way that I can configure it to work with both?
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by: oktane
on: 19/11/2011 | 02:38

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. As far as I am aware, there is no soon. This due to the way wp7 configures itself. I would suggest going with net access and then only access te marketplace when you have WiFi connectivity. I am still actively seeking a soon for this one. I will let you know if I find anything

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