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iPhone - Messages displaying your old phone number?

Started by: wman2
On: 24/01/2012 | 21:06
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by: wman2
on: 24/01/2012 | 21:06 edited: 24/01/2012 | 21:09

Many iPhone on giffgaff have a problem where when you send messages to some people, your old number appears rather than your new one. There is an easy fix for this.


1) Go to Settings


2) Go to Messages


3) Switch iMessage OFF


4) Once it's switched off, turn it back ON again.


5) Wait for it to finish activating iMessage


6) Once it's done, reboot your phone.


Your messages should now display the right number.


Short link to this guide for new members:

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by: solid247
on: 24/01/2012 | 21:08
I kno lol but it looks so much better in real posh writting Smiley Happy
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by: almus
on: 25/01/2012 | 15:23

Very good tip wman. I had this problem when I ported my number over and it was infuriating me as I thought the port had failed in some way. All working properly now though.

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by: stevecbr6
on: 16/02/2012 | 01:11

thank you so much.issue now sorted.thanks again for your help.Smiley Happy

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by: map541
on: 31/07/2012 | 19:24

Thanks this fixed the problem for me after porting my number, I had the old number in my phone. 

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by: j_manning
on: 25/08/2012 | 09:50
Mine is the opposite problem.... My giff gaff number shows up when I text people... Even though I have ported my old number over. People still text my old number and I receive the texts but when I reply my giff gaff number shows.
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by: geohot
on: 25/08/2012 | 10:10
This doesn't always work @wman

@j_manning go into settings, tap phone and at the top it says your number. Tap the number and change it to your new number.

Switch iMessage off, and back on. No need for a reboot
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by: wman2
on: 25/08/2012 | 12:22
Geohot changing the number in phone settings is purely for aesthetic purposes and has no effect on what number is displayed when texting. For all the cases I am aware of this method does work so please back up your statement with evidence.

J-manning, try texting someone who doesn't have An iPhone and see If the problem still happens.if it does and you have followed the guide detailed in the original post then you may have a split port. What number is displayed on your My giffgaff page?
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by: mariannebaker
on: 19/09/2012 | 17:50

Thanks for this!  I thought I had an incomplete port but this sorted it out no problem.



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by: panther38
on: 25/09/2012 | 18:34

Thank you so much - how do you people know these things!!!!


Smiley Happy



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