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iPhone Video Tutorials for giffgaff

Started by: nicksj
On: 08/05/2010 | 23:25
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by: nicksj
on: 08/05/2010 | 23:25

Hi there Smiley Happy


I'm going to create a few different video tutorials to do with giffgaff and the iPhone, I'll post the videos in this thread Smiley Happy


'How to Install giffgaff Network Settings on iPhone' (Available in 720p HD)


'Changing Carrier Name to giffgaff on iPhone' (Available in 720p HD)


More to come soon. Please post any requests/anything you're having trouble with and I'll look into doing a video for it Smiley Happy



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by: tobyriding
on: 08/05/2010 | 23:44 edited: 18/05/2010 | 20:20



Sorry to hijack your thread nick, I genuinely mean no offence by it (just trying to help), but I thought this would be a good place to point out for the benefit of our fellow iPhone loving giffgaffer's that in the "How to giffgaff an iPhone" thread on page four I have posted a file that will sort all of the giffgaff iPhone settings out just by installing that one file! It includes the sexy giffgaff logo, internet and MMS, the correct voicemail number, and lots of bonus one touch settings like checking your credit and stuff like that.


I love this place I really do, the fact that there are so many of us all willing to help each other out so much! Brilliant isn't it?




EDIT: I've now done my instructions as a video tutorial, see my signature below for the details.


If you want to know the latest news about the giffgaff iPhone official carrier file......Clicky

29/09/10 - The news isn't good I'm afraid - There will be NO official giffgaff iPhone carrier file, check the above link for the news.

If you have an iPhone and need the giffgaff internet settings click here - Clicky Link
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