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iphone credit and voicemail shortcuts

Started by: xpistos
On: 11/07/2010 | 01:25
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by: xpistos
on: 11/07/2010 | 01:25 edited: 11/07/2010 | 01:28

this is a very simple tip but i thiught i would point it out anyway as i have noticed alot of people asking how to change there iphone voicemail numbers sadly ive found no way of doing this so instead what ive done is added a new contact in my iphone called voicemail and then added the contact to my favorites and i have done the same with the credit check service so if i want to call voicemail or check my credit quickly i just tap the favorites section under my phone app and there right there infront of me much faster then dialing the number Smiley Happy


i should also point out that this works for me because i have no contacts in my favorites section other then the voicemail and credit checks numbers Smiley Happy


just incase you dont know the voicemail number is 443

googybag checkup number *100*7#

airtime balance number *100#


hope i have helped you out in someway if i have please hit the shiny kudoes button please



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by: mkammerlander
on: 11/07/2010 | 19:55 edited: 11/07/2010 | 19:56

might be worth checking out my post about adding a speed dial icon to your home screen?

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