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keeping my old number

Started by: markproctor65
On: 05/09/2014 | 00:49
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by: markproctor65
on: 05/09/2014 | 00:49
Not had a reply from you great when it's done. But it's been two weeks now . What is going on. Ive said that it is used for me business. Loosing customers. !!
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by: nytram_1
on: 05/09/2014 | 00:51
You need a PAC code from your last mobile network
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by: markproctor65
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:00
Idid this on line two weeks ago. Puk codeSmiley SurprisedRG914829.IT MAY BE TO OLD NOW SI LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEAD A NEW ONE AS ORANGE SAID IT ONLY GOOD FOR 30 DAYSbutIif you check back on my info it was done over two weeks ago
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by: markproctor65
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:02
What does that mean?
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by: gammygary
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:04
You need a PAC number not a PUK number so make sure you have the correct one.

Go here to check the status of your transfer. It sounds line it hasn't happened so you may need to redo it and select a new date
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by: skaur4
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:04
Hi it's best to contact an agent here and they will let u know wats happening
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by: riiceball
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:05
Did it give you a confirmation when you completed it? It should have given you a date.

Try it again.
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by: markproctor65
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:05
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by: markproctor65
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:07
The date was the 14.but did it again because I thought idid it wrong. Then it was the 15.
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by: gammygary
on: 05/09/2014 | 01:09

We're just members if the community we are unable to check the validity of your numbers.

A PUK number is for unlocking your handset when the password has been entered too many times.

A PAC number is for transferring your number from one network to another.

The fact that your previous network said it only last 30 days suggests that you do have PAC number which is good.

Please go to this link and see what it says. I would imagine that your first request didn't go through properly which is why it hasn't transferred.

Resubmit your PAC code and select a date for your number to transfer

If this fails then Contact an agent

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