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photo upload

Started by: ant59giffgaff
On: 28/03/2015 | 13:28
Replies: 11

by: zoegirl2
on: 21/11/2015 | 00:22

Smiley Happy Well, a week has gone by and the photos are still there.  Bit slow on the uptake (and with any replies) but Im thinking if the photo is in your 'images' it will stay on your post!  For some reason I didn't think of this when I decided to delete one a while ago, and then wondered why an x box had appeared!  I'm presuming this is why I had little success with an animated one also - don't think it ever reached my 'images'!  Will try again when back from hols.  Thanks for the kudos @ant59giffgaff  Smiley Happy



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