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picture message settings

Started by: teresarees12
On: 23/05/2015 | 14:00
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by: teresarees12
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:00
Hi, can anyone give me the picture message settings for a the w200s phone. Teresa
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by: 147brian21573
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:01
What phone is that??
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by: teresarees12
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:01
For the THL W200S
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by: 147brian21573
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:02
text the word SETTINGS to 2020 however this method doesn't work on all handsets. In which case, please see below:

Use this free app to set it up for you if you have wifi,

Or you can setup your Android device manually:
Settings > More Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Click the Menu key on your phone then > New APN

Enter in these details:
Name: giffgaff
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080

Tap the Menu key again then > 'Save'
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by: mathew40
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:03
Hi there @teresarees12
If your having problems either sending or receiving MMS messages,ive just found you this guide here that may help you .

Just incase you didn't already know,MMS are not FREE and are 16p each to send,but are FREE to receive, and are not included in any goodybag or gigabag allowances,and please make sure that the image size is no bigger than 300 kb,which is the maximum image size unfortunately.
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by: djbonner07
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:06

[ MMS On giffgaff™ ]

- Sending MMS -
● Just incase you didn't know - MMS cost 16p each to send and they are not included in any goodybags (otherwise please ignore if you do have enough pay as you go credit)

- Cost -
● MMS to a non UK mobile number, 24p per sent message

- Full Price Guide -
See Here -


- 1, Try these settings in the link below and have a good look through the replies what other members have left for other possible solutions or fixes

- Updated Screenshot -

● Just Make Sure The Password Section Is BLANK aswel

Also >>>>

■➜ Switch off your WiFi connection -

■➜ Switch on / Enable - 3G/Data Connection

- 2, Read this if you have No luck at all ➜

[ Quick Internet Setup/Tips & More ] ➜

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by: teresarees12
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:23
Still not sending, just keeps coming up failed. Teresa
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by: teresarees12
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:54
Have tried all these different settings and still failing 😭
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by: endorphin
on: 23/05/2015 | 18:00
Hi Teresa. Do you have airtime credit as you need it to send MMS/picture messages as they're not included in Goodybags. They cost 16p each.
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