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screen protectors are a must.

Started by: titan33
On: 25/05/2015 | 22:06
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by: titan33
on: 25/05/2015 | 22:06
today while out hiking on the brecon beacons i was using my phone to navigate when i tripped on a rock and dropped my phone.
luckily i had a tempered glass screen protector on my galaxy s5.
The screen protector was shattered in the fall but my phone screen was undamaged thank god.
i hate to think what would have happened if it was not for my screen protector.
for anybody who has not got a screen protector on their expensive smartphones i urge you to get one as accidents happen.
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by: bacc
on: 25/05/2015 | 22:11
wow. thank god for screen protectors. I'm using a tempered glass one on my s5 they're are worth every penny
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by: 4128334
on: 25/05/2015 | 22:12
Could not agree more, with the use of tempered glass screen protector.. I have used one for over a year, and it has saved my screen on two occasions when I dropped my Smartphone.
If you pay anything up to £600 for a phone, it seems crazy not to do everything to protect it.
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by: titan33
on: 25/05/2015 | 22:17
cheap as chips to buy, mine cost £2 from ebay.
how much to replace a new phone screen? Over a hundred quid.
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by: mdak_118
on: 26/05/2015 | 01:10
I got a tempered glass screen protector on my S5 as well that make us three of us now Smiley Happy
I also got an otterbox phone cover to go along with the screen protecter. So i feel at peace knowing my phone is safe even if it is dropped.
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by: scaramouch
on: 26/05/2015 | 01:55
I tried one but it attracts grease quickly so I prefer my phones with no protector
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by: espuelita
on: 26/05/2015 | 07:10

@scaramouch wrote:
I tried one but it attracts grease quickly so I prefer my phones with no protector

Depends on the quality of the protector I guess.

I paid around £20 for mine I think, had it over 2 years, and it still looks spotless.

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by: aktachande
on: 28/05/2015 | 15:01
Yep! It saved my phone a few times.
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