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sim swap from dinosaur to iPhone: keeping current number

Started by: lordor
On: 31/05/2015 | 10:24
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by: lordor
on: 31/05/2015 | 10:24
This is for a friend who has an old dinosaur Nokia in which the giffgaff sim didn't work. It was asking for a restriction code in an unlocked phone. She has already transferred her old number to the sim. She has ordered an iPhone thinking she could put the current sim card in it and I told her she needs a special iPhone sim. So my question is: can she order the iPhone sim already in her current number with giffgaff or did she have to do another number transfer? Thanks :-)
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by: 1hale
on: 31/05/2015 | 10:34
When do she transfer her number over??

If it was within the last week or two then check the sim carefully as giffgaff now send out a three in one sim (

Otherwise she should go to and order a trio sim.

When it arrives do this:

1) Log out of giffgaff,

2) Go to

3) Enter 6 digit activation code

4) On next page choose the "I already have an account" option and log in

5) Confirm you want to perform a sim swap

6) Confirm a second time

7) will appear but with her phone number missing. When you refresh the page and her number reappears then the swap is complete.

Sim swap transfers:

Phone number,

From one sim to another.
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by: lordor
on: 31/05/2015 | 10:42
Thank you. She got a new sim and transferred her number over last weekend. I only saw 2 parts to the sim but I'll ask her to have another look. Your help is much appreciated.
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by: lordor
on: 31/05/2015 | 10:45
If she DOES have the trio sim, can she just pop the iPhone one in instead?
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by: 1hale
on: 31/05/2015 | 11:41
Yes she can.

Look my link and if her sim looks like that then it has the Nano sim included of not then you need to order one.
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by: lordor
on: 31/05/2015 | 11:46
Thank you so much
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