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some cracking handset prices!

Started by: itwashimnotme
On: 22/05/2015 | 12:46
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by: itwashimnotme
on: 22/05/2015 | 12:46

Hi all, anyone looking to purchase the Sony Z3 should take a look at vodafone's latest deal - this weekend only it's on offer at £300 which is a whooping £100 cheaper than even giffgaff's price of £399 - they have it in  black and the beautiful deep red too. Also, the great looking Samsung Galaxy A3 is on offer at £150 which is a 25% saving compared to giffgaff's price of £200. 

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by: aronrose
on: 22/05/2015 | 14:00
Good price
(Btw you have to Top-up £10)

How much to unlock?
Here to help.
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by: firoze
on: 22/05/2015 | 16:15

Thanks for the info.

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by: proudmummykayla1
on: 22/05/2015 | 17:00
Not bad you still have to buy a top up aswell as the phone though which is really annoying
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by: illy1965
on: 22/05/2015 | 21:26

@aronrose wrote:
Good price
(Btw you have to Top-up £10)

How much to unlock?

when i brought my m8 from vodafone i didn't have to buy the top up but in other stores they make you, guess it's down to the luck of the draw

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by: itwashimnotme
on: 23/05/2015 | 14:22

Hey proudmummykayla1, not the case, on the vodafone website you can buy their phones without the need to purchase any topup's etc. Easiest way is to order a vodafone sim from them which is free, then order the handset.

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by: darkknight01
on: 24/05/2015 | 20:33
Great prices
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by: aktachande
on: 28/05/2015 | 15:03
Yehh Hopefully giffgaff can price them these very soon!
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by: apinkduck
on: 28/05/2015 | 21:44
Locked to a network makes it cheaper because they expect to earn money off you as a ongoing customer paying for calls/texts/etc.
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