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Acatel OT-983 Unlocking Problems

Started by: alzibubs
On: 25/02/2014 | 14:06
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by: alzibubs
on: 25/02/2014 | 14:06



I have just changed my vodafone number over to my giffgaff account and have been given an Acatel One Touch 983 but cannot get the phone to accept my giffgaff sim. I am thinking it is because the phone is locked to orange and/or t-mobile so if that is the case can anyone help me get the phone unlocked so it will accept my sim.


I have my IMEI & SVN numbers along with the PUK vodafone gave me.


Can anyone help. I am on low income and cannot really afford to pay so if it can be done for free I will put you on my xmas card list.


Thanks in advance.



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by: banana68
on: 25/02/2014 | 18:35 edited: 25/02/2014 | 18:36

TRy here

PM me if you need more info or helpSmiley Happy

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by: alzibubs
on: 25/02/2014 | 21:42
Hey, thanks for the info. I already checked that website but it appeared the only way to get the info I need for free is via trialpay but there is no Get It Free link. Having looked at their FAQ it says it's because Trialpay is not available in the UK? Out of all the Alcatel OTs available I had to be given one that seems hard to Unlock! To date I have done a factory reset, used the gg guide to create a APN but when I save the data the newly created APN disappears. Do you have any other solutions that may help?
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by: banana68
on: 26/02/2014 | 15:35

I looked through a load of websites yesterday and all "free" ones had a fee so unless you are willing to pay for an unlock code i dont really think this is possible! There are some wesites that will do it for £2 or £3 though. and you will get some payback from gg as youve made some postsv on the community!

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by: alzibubs
on: 04/03/2014 | 14:16

Thanks for the info, can you tell me what websites unlock for £3 or £4?

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by: onet12
on: 02/02/2016 | 05:35

you can unlock your phone here genuinely with a cheap price


unlock Phones

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