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Unlocking discussion on Samsung S8000 Jet.

Started by: gfernie
On: 29/07/2011 | 21:14
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by: gfernie
on: 29/07/2011 | 21:14 edited: 29/07/2011 | 21:22

This thread relates to the page for the Samsung S8000 Jet phone on the Unlockapedia.

I unlocked my Jet about a year ago with this guide I found on a forum.

1-power on without sim card
2-push your sim card ,,without removing battery 
3- type : *2767*2878#
your phone should restart after 1 min ,, 
5- now type : *746 56 25*638*0000 0000*0000 0000#
6- now type :#746 56 25*638*0000 0000#
your UNLOCK CODE is 0000 0000 now & all code deactivate

after doing this I got a message saying something about failing (I forgot exactly what) but that is just confirmation that the phone was now unlocked, nothing to worry about.

You should now be able to use any sim card, no fuss, no extra cost, no waiting, giffgaff included! I am living proof of this ^_^

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by: gfernie
on: 01/08/2011 | 00:45
anybody who was previously on a network that uses O2's signal can also use a giffgaff sim with no need to unlock

although it won't hurt to do this anyway, it only takes two ticks and it's awful convenient when in a pinch, (e.g. your friend is out of battery and needs to make a phone call; all they have to do is pop in their sim )
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by: scud22
on: 30/10/2012 | 11:22

Hi, How do I input a space into the keypad? 
e.g '5- now type : *746 56 25*638*0000 0000*0000 0000#'

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by: scud22
on: 30/10/2012 | 11:45

when i get to the second part - 5- now type : *746 56 25*638*0000 0000*0000 0000#..I kepp getting --- after the second *,,please help 

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by: stephb5
on: 02/03/2016 | 16:40

I know this is years ago but to help anyone who might come across this post in the future:


You don't input the spaces, the poster just put them in to break up the numbers so you can read them easily. Just type the code as one sequence.


And with regard to the quetion below, it doesn't matter if the code starts to appear as ---- it will still work.


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