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Can I use SIM swap to replace my SIM?

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A SIM swap is a convenient way to replace your existing SIM, but it is not always the correct solution.

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You can use a SIM Swap in the following situations:

  • Your current SIM is faulty or broken
  • You need a SIM of a different size (e.g. when changing to a new phone)
  • Your SIM is lost and you don't need to bar your phone

For more information on SIM Swap read this article.

Ordering a replacement SIM generally takes between 1-3 working days. If you already have a SIM which has never been activated, SIM Swap is a much quicker solution as it only takes a few minutes to transfer your number, credit and goodybags to another SIM.

If you need a new SIM card order one using any of the following methods:

Its advisable not to use a SIM Swap in the following situations:

  • Your phone and SIM card have both been lost/stolen and you wish to bar your phone and SIM
  • You have already reported your SIM lost or stolen and requested a replacement SIM. It is not possible to perform a SIM Swap until the replacement SIM has arrived and been activated
  • If you have actioned your number transfer by using a PAC code. Then, in this case, wait until your number has ported over to giffgaff and replaced your temporary mobile number.

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