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giffgaff operates an online-based support to help its members with all their needs.
There are three different ways to get help on the website, each answering different needs. If you have a specific question, this article will help you find where you will find the best answer.

Here is a quick video that will guide you through all the steps.

If you would rather read about it check out the section below:

More Information

The Knowledge Base is your first port-of-call when you have a question. Its content has been made by looking at the questions asked by our members so there is a good chance that we already have a ready-made answer for you.
Just type what you are looking for at the top of the page and click search. You will then get a list of guided results.


The Knowledge Base is managed by giffgaff with the help of some of the most active members to make sure that we propose the most up-to-date content at all times.

Our Community is very active and very helpful so you will always find someone knowledgeable to help you. Because of this activity, you'll often find that the community has already answered similar questions to yours in the past.

If you need to post a help request with our community please don't leave the website as answers or further questions will come within approx 30-90 seconds after posting.

To ask the community for help simply click/press on this icon in this article or use this direct link.

Ask the community.PNG

 Type your question into the search box and it will automatically search for possible answers to your enquiry.


Alternatively you can start a topic if you can't find the answer you are looking for an our community members will get back to you with possible answers.

Please explain your issue as clearly as possible and give all the details you can, such as:

  • What you have tried
  • When the issue happened and the circumstances
  • Phone make & model
  • Any information that you feel is relevant and will help
This will make it easier for our members to identify your problem and find a resolution for you.

As the forum is public, please do not post any personal information, such as your phone number, bank details or email addresses. These details are personal and we want you to keep them that way.

After you post your question please keep an eye on your post so that you can interact with our members and help them to resolve your issue. In the replies to your question, you're free to click the Kudos button on any reply that you find helpful.

Don't forget to press Set as Best Answer on the reply that assisted to resolve your issue so it will identify the answer as the right answer for other members who will see the post.

Your first port of call should always be the giffgaff community using the advice above.

However, there is some things that the community can't answer such as questions relating to your account or your personal information (Bank details, repayment of loans, usage & charges etc).

If your unsure of who to ask simply ask our community and they will point you in the right direction (were a friendly bunch).

Our member services agent can assist you with issues relating to:

  • Problems with your SIM Card
  • Questions about your SIM card orders - first SIM, replacement SIM and "Spread giffgaff" orders
  • Questions about your number transfer
  • Questions about your usage and charges
  • Questions about your points and payback
  • Anything account related

giffgaff member services agents work 7 days a week from 8am till 10pm. You can find a complete explanation in When to contact our agents. Just select the most appropriate agent category for your problem and then follow the advice given or click on the direct link to the agents.

Ask our community

Don't be shy. Ask one of our lovely members for help.
Our community won't let you down.

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