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4G is here and this guide will help you making sure that you are all ready for it.

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This may sound obvious, but we would not like you to buy a 4G goodybag if you can't enjoy 4G speed. For this reason, we advise you to check if you can receive a good service where it matters more to you - especially if you can't get Wi-Fi there.

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Check the 4G coverage for your area

Verify your phone is compatible with giffgaff's 4G using the GSM Arena website.

Use the search function to find your phone, then under Network look for the 4G Bands section in the search results.

In order to receive a 4G signal, your device must be able to connect to 4G / LTE with the 800MHz (Band 20), 1800MHz (Band 3), 2100MHz(Band 66) and 2300MHz (Band 30) frequency. If you are unsure of how to do this then see How can I check that my device is 4G compatible.

Please Note:  Not all of the bands mentioned will be available everywhere. 

Most of the 4G phones sold in the United Kingdom are compatible with giffgaff's 4G, with the notable exception of the iPhone 5.

  • All iPhones from the iPhone 5C and up will be able to receive a 4G signal on giffgaff.

More and more phones are 4G-ready now, you can find the 4G phones sold by giffgaff here and the 4G phones which have been voted best by the Community here.

If you use an iPad, the list of models that are compatible with the 4G frequency that giffgaff uses is available below:

List of compatible iPads

Click to reveal
iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
Model A1652

iPad Pro (9.7-inch)
Model A1674

iPad Air 2
Model A1567

iPad mini 4
Model A1550

iPad mini 2
Model A1491

iPad mini 2
Model A1490

iPad Air
Model A1476

iPad Air
Model A1475

iPad mini 3
Model A1601

iPad mini 3
Model A1600

However, the following iPad models are NOT compatible with the 4G frequency that giffgaff uses:

iPad with Retina display
(4th generation)
Model A1460

iPad with Retina display
(4th generation)
Model A1459

iPad mini
Model A1455

iPad mini
Model A1454

iPad with Retina display
(3rd generation)
Model A1430

iPad with Retina display
(3rd generation)
Model A1403
  • Tip: Update your phone's software

We also advise you to update your phone's software to the latest version available. It may happen that the phone manufacturer did not activate the 4G signal by default when you bought your phone, this would make sure that your phone is all set.

Our goodybags are now available for purchase on the goodybag page.

Please note that all goodybags now come with 4G as standard. In order to get 4G you must

  • Be in a 4G covered area.
  • Have a compatible device capable of 800MHz (Band 20), 1800MHz (Band 3), 2100MHz(Band 66) and 2300MHz (Band 30) frequency.

Please Note:  Not all of the bands mentioned will be available everywhere. 

Why did I lose my Internet connection?

3G and 4G services are two different parts of the network, so we have to move your Internet connection from one to the other. Don't worry, you simply need to refresh your data connection to reactivate your Internet connection. The easiest way to do it is to restart your phone or switch the airplane mode ON and OFF.

Does 4G work with a 3G SIM card?

Yes it does, but you may notice a short delay as your SIM card will look for the 3G network first. If you are using a 3G SIM card there is no need to change, and you can swap for a 4G SIM card later.

Can I purchase a 4G goodybag with a 3G Phone?

Yes, you can. 4G comes as standard on giffgaff but all goodybags will work on all devices.

What if I run out of my data allowance?

If you run out of data allowance, you can purchase a new goodybag to replace your active goodybag, see this article for more details about purchasing a new goodybag early.

If you don't want to purchase a new goodybag early, you can still use your connection until your goodybag expires at the special rate of 2p/MB until the goodybag expires.

Can I have 4G on Pay As You Go?

If you are not using a goodybag, you can still use your data connection on Pay As You Go. The type of connection will be the same as your last goodybag.

What if I move out of 4G coverage?

When you are moving around, it's likely that you will sometimes lose the 4G signal. When this happens, your phone will simply pick-up a 3G signal and your data connection will keep on working. When you will come back to a 4G covered area, your phone will revert to 4G (You will have to restart your browser to refresh your session and enjoy 4G speed again).

Can I tether with a goodybag?

Yes, you can tether on all goodybags from giffgaff.

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