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Guide to Phone Deliveries

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For your security, we use a different addressing system for phone orders to the one used for SIM card orders, and we have different rules in place to make sure that we deliver your new phone to the correct person.

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We only deliver phones to UK residential addresses. This must also be the card holder's billing address. When ordering, to select the delivery address:

  • Fill your postcode and press Find Address.
  • Select your address from the list of available addresses at that postcode.

Note: If your exact address is not listed, we do not deliver to your address.

We don't deliver to a particular address when it has not been verified by our partner who manages our address book, as we cannot guarantee that your phone will reach you safely.

If you live in a block of flats or other shared accommodation and see a similar address then it will relate to a different property.

Note: Please do not select the wrong address or the transaction or delivery may fail.

Once the parcel has been delivered to the address you provide, you are responsible for it. Until the delivery is made giffgaff are responsible for it. As we want to make sure that your new phone can't simply be received by someone else without your knowledge we put delivery restrictions in place.

Your address must be residential

We only deliver to private residential addresses in the UK We will not deliver to a business or shared address, for example, a university campus.

Your delivery address must be your billing address

Orders can only be made to the delivery address, however during delivery, if you are not available, we may deliver to your immediate neighbour provided proof of ID and a signature is obtained.

Your phone must be signed for by a member of your household

All our phone deliveries require a signature on delivery.

Age limits

Anyone accepting, and signing for the delivery of the phone must be 18 years or older.

You are now able to change your delivery address once you receive a notification that your parcel is en route. Check this section for more details. 

If there is an issue with the delivery of your phone then you can contact an agent after having checked the status of your delivery on DHL Parcel UK (formerly UK Mail)'s website (or via telephone at 02476 937770).

Note: The agents' link above will only work if you have bought a handset from giffgaff.

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