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Guide to Pre-Owned Phones

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We are now offering pre-owned phones as part of our Marketplace Phone Range to help giffgaffers who want to save that little bit more.

More Information

Pre-owned phones are phones that have been used previously and have gone through careful testing before being added to Marketplace. The condition of our pre-owned phones varies from good to excellent:

  • "Excellent" usually describes a phone that is immaculate and like new. They show little to no signs of use and will be similar in condition to a refurbished phone.
  • "Very Good" usually describes a phone that is almost new. It has some signs of use but the screen will look like new.
  • "Good" usually describes a phone that has had some signs of use and can come with minor blemishes on the back, nothing a lovely case can't solve.

Pre-Owned phones are mostly sourced from our members and other recycling sources, this does mean the stock is limited and there is little visibility on when or if a specific model will be back in stock. Though we do recommend checking back on site mid-week.

All our pre-owned phones come unlocked, ready for any UK network SIM.

As a pre-owned phone is used, it differs slightly from a new phone. It comes in a giffgaff branded box and only includes the phone, a data/charging cable and a SIM key (if the phone requires it).

Pre-Owned phones do not come with any other accessories such as a mains charger, user manual or headphones etc.

Pre-owned phones come with a 6-month warranty provided by giffgaff.

A pre-owned phone can be bought in the exact same way as a purchasing a giffgaff Phone. Pre-Owned phones are available on the Marketplace Phone Range page and are identified by Pre-Owned in the phone's title.

Once you have selected the pre-owned phone you want to purchase, you'll be able to select if you want to pay for the phone in full right now or spread the cost monthly with a loan from Ratesetter.

The delivery methods and timescales are the same for all the phones sold by giffgaff.

How to return a faulty phone and the cancellation policy for pre-owned phones is the same as for new phones with one exception. Because the stock of pre-owned phones is limited, we reserve the right to refund the original price paid for the phone if no suitable replacement is available when we process your return.

As pre-owned phones come without accessories, you may find yourself wondering what you will do without a mains charger or headphone. We have listed a few tricks to help you use your phone as soon as you receive it.


Most of the phones that we are selling refurbished use a standard micro-USB charger. Most of the time you'll be able to use the USB charger from your previous phone, making one less charger to worry about.

Some models, including iPhones, use proprietary chargers so we advise checking if you need a new charger when making your order i.e. 30-pin dock connector or lightning connector.

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