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Guide to personalised usage statement

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Your personalised usage and points statement gives you a snapshot of your recent usage and payback points. We send this information monthly via email. You need to have opted into receiving marketing messages to receive this email, for more information about how to make sure you receive this email see this guide.

More Information

In this section we take a look at you personal details and settings. It contains the following information:

  • Your join date
  • Your auto top-up settings
  • Your recurring goodybag settings
  • Your current goodybag (with its expiry date)
  • Your queued goodybag (which is your next goodybag is you are recurring your goodybag)
  • Your payback for the month

The purpose of this section is to let you know exactly which is your current and next month plan, with a single glance.

This section summarizes the minutes, texts and data you used over the period*:

  • Total number of minutes
  • Total number of texts
  • Total number of MB

This gives you a very clear idea of your usage and it can be used to identify if you are on the right tariff. This is the data we use to calculate your recommended plan.

*The period of usage is calculated over 30 days, with a 24 to 48 hours delay - just enough time to do the data crunching.

In this section we give you the list of the 5 numbers you called or text the most often this past month. Along with each number we give you the exact number of minutes you spend calling them, and the number of SMS you sent.

We calculate the cost of calling them with PAYG tariff (15p/min and 5p/text) to give you an idea of how much you could save if they were also on giffgaff, as calling and texting other giffgaffers is free.

We also display your personal order link in this email.

If new giffgaffers are ordering a SIM using your personal link, they will receive £5 with their first top-up , and you will receive 500 payback points when they activate this SIM unless you are a Super Recruiter who earn Payback on 2nd and 3rd top-ups.

When you are on giffgaff, some calls and usages are free of charge. We use the PAYG tariff (15p/min and 5p/text) to calculate how much you would have been charged if they were not free. The usages we take to calculate the savings are listed here.

You can receive a detail of how these savings are calculated by clicking on "For a breakdown of your savings, click here." We detail the content of this email in the next section.

When you ask to receive a breakdown of your savings, we send you an email with a full summary of your usage. It contains the same information as the usage statement, but detailed.

This email contains the following sections and data.

1. Account

  • Member name
  • Phone number
  • Activation date
  • Auto top-up settings
  • Current goodybag
  • Recurring goodybag
  • Payback

2. Extra savings

The savings are calculated from the PAYG tariff for the following usages:

  • The number of minutes you spent calling other numbers on giffgaff
  • The number of texts you sent to other numbers on giffgaff
  • The number of minutes you spent calling numbers starting 0800 and 0808
  • The number of Twitter text update you received
  • The number of Facebook text updates you received

3. Top called/texted numbers

This section uses the same data than the top called numbers section.

4. Usage over last 3 months

This section gives you the details of the number of minutes, texts and MB you used over the last 3 complete months, and over the last 30 days.

This table gives an accurate account of your normal usage, so you can find the best tariff for you.

5. Recommended plan

We want you to get the best value from giffgaff so we have a look at your usage and work out which goodybag would have given you the best value.

The usage is calculated over a month period, based on the following definition:

  • Minutes: total of minutes called to non giffgaff mobiles and landlines
  • Texts: total of texts to non giffgaff mobiles
  • Mobile data usage: Total MB used: total megabytes you've used over the past month

To keep it simple, we always propose a single goodybag but it may happen that it would be cheaper to use a combination of a goodybag and PAYG credits.

We leave it up to the individual to work out what is best for them. You can also use the best plan calculator to find the best tariff for different usages.

6. More about the calculation

The information includes all UK non-giffgaff mobiles and landlines that you've called (excludes things like premium numbers, international calls, etc).

If your friend transferred their number to giffgaff during this time they'll be included in the 'non giffgaff' tally, next month they'll be included in giffgaff to giffgaff savings.

If you're a VIG, your usage is calculated as if you were a regular member.

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